giant friend

Big Faces Keep On Turning // The latest pot in progress from the very hot back patio. . . [Image description: a grey clay pot with a face with oversized features. ] . #sculpture #portraits #pinchpot #plantpot #ceramics #clay #pottery #CanadianCeramics #AlbertaPotters


from a simple pinchpot

Faces // The back patio and I have been making faces when the days are too hot to do much else. I’m keen on larger-than-life eyes, drawing them larger and wider on each pot. Huge eyelids upper and lower, nose and lips coming into reality as I work. The birds sing, and I sculpt until the kiln is eventually full (not yet) and the heatwaves that keep rolling over the city start to calm. These pots are not what I was planning but sometimes the heat takes us where it takes us. . [image descriptions for 4 images: Image 1: grey clay with middle hollowed in the start of a pinch pot. Image 2: two balls of grey clay with the middle hollowed out in a pinch pot, with the ball closest to the viewer smooth and sponged and the furthest rough. Image 3: top view of a grey clay pinch pot plant pot with a somber face. Image 4: front view of a grey clay pinch pot plant pot with a somber face, and the start of another pinch pot in the background. ] . #sculpture #portraits #pinchpot #plantpot #ceramics #clay #pottery #CanadianCeramics #AlbertaPotters