Hello! Perhaps you like our illustrations, our funny design carved sayings, or our freeform carvings. Or any combination of anything we do! We are flattered!

Before copying anything that we do, please contact us for licensing details. We protect our copyright on our work because we are working artists, and stealing is not only not very nice, it’s illegal under the Canada Copyright Act. We also have licensed other artist’s images, so you may not necessarily be stealing from us, but you will be stealing from someone else and only thinking that you’re stealing from us. Either way, it’s much more fun to come up with your own cool ideas and your own style. We are working hard every day to expand our ideas so we can be cool like many of the amazing potters and artists we admire, while not copying their work. Artistic Integrity is REAL.

So before you pull a copy-wrong, do copy-right. Anything that is created by someone else is automatically copyrighted so don’t steal our stuff and pretend it’s not protected under copyright. We get upset. We ask you to stop. We ask for royalties on what you’ve sold. We start sending letters to all the places that you’re selling our copied stuff because you’re making them break the law too. We don’t just sit here and be sad that you’re breaking Wheaton’s Law.

If you absolutely need to use my llama illustration or something else you like, just email me and we can talk.

You can read some really cool ways to protect your own art on the CARFAC website because CARFAC works hard to help artists protect themselves. Thieves are everywhere, and we can only stop the degradation of our work by banding together and using the law to protect ourselves.

Thanks and let’s go create cool stuff.

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