First wheelthrowing since 2019! – IGTV

The IGTV (Instagram / Facebook LIVE) on June 7 featured Cara alone. This much longer video has her attempting to throw three mug shapes after being away from the wheel since November 2019. How does she do? Check out the video on Instagram’s IGTV here.


Making a Tumbler – IGTV

Our IGTV Facebook/Instagram LIVE session on May 31, 2020 featured a few nifty things: making a handbuilt tumbler adding texture to that tumbler using a 3D printed stamp to add a stamped feature on the tumbler You can see our recorded session HERE on Instagram. Enjoy!


Sunday Live / 11am 1pm Photo Setup – IGTV

Sunday Live / 11am 1pm EST We'll show you a peek behind the scenes of our product photography setup. We want every image in our shop to show every angle for our customers, have realistic to life colour, and this is how we try to do that…EDIT: Find this episode under our IGTV videos! Unedited from our kitchen..#ceramics #etsy #sellonline #lightbox #productphotography #instagramlive #igtv Posted by Intagrate Lite


Loading the Kiln – IGTV

Monday LIVE! We show you our studio goose, the kilns, the CHAOS that is our studio while it had been unused as the furnace waited repair, and we do a small kiln load. Happy May Long! Access the video on IGTV here. Oh my, you can tell we are not sleeping because of our sick elder dog! Please ignore our dark circles, puffiness, and tired eyes. We got her comfy inside the house with our son, and then came out to load the kiln with the younger dog.


smashy smashy

Sometimes, things just don't work out.?Bye bye, cracked mug…?Pottery quickly teaches to not get attached. It is almost always easier to remake than to attempt any salvage. (I fail at the not getting attached thing for one-of-a-kind work. Saying goodbye still requires a stiff drink for those) Good thing we have more of these beauties for the Fibre Shindig on the weekend! ?#featsofpretendstrength#fibreshindig2019 #ceramics #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #pottery #handbuilt #handbuiltpottery #greenware Posted by Intagrate Lite



Trimming tiny notion / sauce / mise en place bowls for Fibre Shindig next weekend! Cutting it close but that's how we roll…?#trimming #ceramics #tinypots #pottery #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #yycartists #BuyHandmade #albertaceramics #fibreshindig2019 #fibreshindig Posted by Intagrate Lite


packing bowls

Packing yarn bowls for #knitcity2019 – I have only as many as I can sneak behind the seat as we prep to come over the mountains to see y'all, so come early to the @poppyyarnandfibre booth to get first pick! #ceramics #yarnbowls #yyvknitters #knitcity #booth235 #howdoIchoosewhichtobring Posted by Intagrate Lite



Speed-up video, trying to find just the right curve on the bottom of this mug. ?#ceramics #wheelthrown #plainsman #pottery #albertacraftyyc #albertamade #canadianceramics #wheelthrowing #AlbertaPotters Posted by Intagrate Lite