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Faces // I worked on more small pinch pot faces during our brief hot weather spike this past weekend. Now as the weather chills as May long approaches, I’m cleaning up these cheeks and pondering the sizes of the pots. This larger one is significantly larger than the two in the last set, which I like for larger plants. I adore the unruly hair that plants add to give these pots their real finishing touches.#canadianceramics #sculpture #pinchpots #pottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


Handle it

Handle it // getting handles on, waiting for mugs to dry, the cycle continues. ..#plainsmanclay #wheelthrown #albertapotters #ceramics #clay #ceramicmugs #potterylife #ceramicartist #ceramicsstudio #potteryprocess #CanadianCeramicsStudio #canadianceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite


Going Batty

Testing // Jason made a new bat system for me because our beloved supplier Ceramics Canada is out of stock. We had a box of bisque tiles laying about, so we're making due with those as the bats. So far, it's working great although it will take more practice for me to pull the clay up from the tile that is so close to the bat that holds it. And to remember to keep the bisque wet enough so my mug doesn't SURPRISE! pop off while I'm throwing. I'll call the first run using these small bats a success and I'm looking forward to trying more this weekend. …#batsystem #throwingbats #bisquetiles #canadianceramicsstudio #albertapotters #testing #neverstoplearning.[image description: A line of five freshly throwing pottery mugs made of white clay, each on a square bisque tile.] Posted by Intagrate Lite



Tools // We talk so much about tools in studio, in our videos, with other artists and ceramic artists and potters. We all have our favourite ride-or-die BFF tools. Jason and I regularly hoard red ribs (the red rubbery tool with a hole in the middle of it, seen in photo). I have a metal bit from a disassembled scotch tape dispenser glued to a chopstick that makes my heart flutter. As a family, the bin of round sponges at our supplier, Ceramics Canada, is a joy – our son once ended up face down and feet up in that barrel as he yearned to reach the bottom through the thousands of sponges. We do like the things that we like. 🖌These days of glazing and painting, we have favourite brushes and chairs as we work through the backlog of pots. The chill in the air is reminding us that we should appreciate every warm day we have, so we are achingly behind our own schedule. Lucky for us, our priority to enjoy these moments outside the studio before the snow flies is something we can take without guilt. Our tools will wait. They are wonderful that way.🖌What are your priorities this week?…[Image description: a charcoal black work surface with clay dust, covered in a variety of pottery tools: ball tools, brushes, a round yellow sponge, a red rib, a silver carving tool, and a small piece of clay.]..#creativeprocess #creativelife #handmademovement #artisanmade #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #etsyartist #ceramics #pottery #AlbertaMade #yycarts #canadianceramics #ipreview via @preview.app Posted by Intagrate Lite



Faces // The final results of the first two face pots for my wee plants …[Image description: two clay pinch pots with faces, side by side with excessively moody lighting.].#creativeprocess #creativelife #handmademovement #artisanmade #buyhandmade #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #etsyartist #ceramics #pottery #AlbertaMade #yycarts #pinchpot #handbuilt #canadianceramics #kiln #kilnfired #kilnfolk #ceramicprocess #handmadeceramic #shoplocalyyc #handmadeyyc #handcrafted #studiopottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


pinch pinch

Pinch Pinch // Pinching technique to make a pinch pot with face in today's igTV video. I'm still refining the features on this sweet little planter, and I have some holes to poke in his bottom, but he is well on his way to being a loving home for a wee spider plant that I picked up this week. Check out the igTV video to watch me create this pot from a ball of clay using my hands and some simple tools. ..#pinchpot #planter #facepot #sculpture #handbuilding Posted by Intagrate Lite


the schedule

The Schedule // Spoiler: it's changed twice already since this photo was taken (my dates for activities were wayyyy off and Jason has items to add to the first August bisque so… revamp!) However, we have an outline, a checklist, a guide of sorts to take us into mid-October. It may change wildly depending on what "Digital School" looks like for our son, what repairs are needed around our home before the snow flies, and if anyone in our community/cohort needs support. Or if we get sick. Plan A is in place but we don't mind having other plans in the wings, just in case.How are you organizing your weeks? Are you still creating with the robust strength as you did pre-Covid Times? Do you need strong calendar organization or can you wing it with ease? 🦁🤡 Our circus would love to hear how you manage!#studioplanning #artpractice #studioorganization #productivity Posted by Intagrate Lite


Bees on igTV

Bees on igTV // I made a couple of bee mugs on the Sunday Live this morning if you want to pop over to our igTV and take a peek. Maybe I should be finishing painting the inside AND outside of our house but also, these bee mugs need to become a reality. 🖤🖤Our Sunday lives are not as regular during the summer because we'd rather be out camping WITH the bees but we are still on when we get the chance. What are you doing on your Sunday?#handbuilding #ceramics #beemug #plainsmanclay #potteryvideos #handbuildingvideos #clay #handbuiltpottery Posted by Intagrate Lite



Work work work it // he's working hard to prep for @fibreshindig on April 18! Got some fun stuff cooking. I'm laying on the couch, drinking tea like a sick layabout (this THROAT and HEAD thing urgh) but the studio is still pumping. I'm sketching between cups of tea, because that's what I do when germs got me down. Are you coming to the Calgary Spring Fibre Shindig to party it up among yarn lovers? I can't wait to see everyone after this long winter slumber. #ceramics #handbuiltceramics #fibreshindig #yycevents #yarnfestival Posted by Intagrate Lite


scale experiments

Here be Dragons… or at least some dragonscale. I was watching @epicfailstudios drink out of her scale mug and now I want to make more but different shape. So today I'm playing a bit, ripping up paper templates and trying some different techniques. This scale is upside down because after I made the form, it turned out that I liked it upside down better. Sometimes upside down is how ya gotta flip things so they make sense, right?#studio #pottery #experiment #yycartists #ceramics #plainsmanclay Posted by Intagrate Lite



Trimming tiny notion / sauce / mise en place bowls for Fibre Shindig next weekend! Cutting it close but that's how we roll…?#trimming #ceramics #tinypots #pottery #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #yycartists #BuyHandmade #albertaceramics #fibreshindig2019 #fibreshindig Posted by Intagrate Lite


trying something new – little bowls

Is it #TrySomethingNewFriday ? I made some mise en place bowls using a new technique! They were so fun to make! I love small things. I have a stack of little flat dishes of my own for sauces, teabags, spoons, stitch holders, rings, and I want more but in bowl form. My first try gave me ideas for improvement but after some vigorous edge sponging to soften things, these will be adorable! I'll be bringing the finished babies to the @FibreShindig on Oct 19 in Calgary. #ceramics #miseenplace #albertamade #littlebowls #handbuilt #slabbuilt #homeformyteabag #homeformystitchmarkers #yycmade #handmade #potteryforknitters #pottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


we get by with a little help from our friends

We've been climbing uphill since the early spring since just before my surgery and as I'm still recovering, we have been in less than top shape for production. When we looked up last week, there was a larger mountain than we knew we could go alone. @cotton.cassie pitched in right away by coming by and providing her upbeat optimism and muscle.We called mentors and friends for wise words about overcoming this type of hurdle (@conniepike and @the_pott_lady among others) although I think my call to Rylee was mostly panicked rambling. She and more potters came to our rescue with real solutions – thank you so much also to @gmitchellceramics @ipotlisa and Mike & Sara at Ceramics Canada for your amazing generosity. My heart was pretty darned full this week – we are so lucky to be part of this community. The awesomest impressive part is RIGHT NOW there is a borrowed slab roller in our studio for the weekend!!How have we lived this long without one? I whispered sweet nothings to her before I tucked her into bed last night. She's beautiful. It is amazing gadget – it's saving Jay's back and is saving my sanity. It squish squish squishes 45lbs of clay in record time. It's now "on the list" to save for to add to the studio. So grateful. #ceramicscanadayyc#AlbertaMade #albertapotters#canadianceramics #slabroller #pottery #yycarts #yycpottery #yycceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite


repeating stamp

I've been using this wooden fabric stamp on clay slabs lately, and I'm enamoured with the texture. I'm imagining how my new glaze will pool and break over this delicious pattern. #yarnbowls #texture #ceramics #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #greenware Posted by Intagrate Lite


in progress… waiting for bisque

Unglazed work, waiting for the kiln. This bowl and several others will be in Lacombe on Sept 14 at the @PrairieFibreFestival #Yarnbowl #ceramics #AlbertaMade #prairiefibrefestival #canadianceramics #plainsman #readyforbisque Posted by Intagrate Lite