scale experiments

Here be Dragons… or at least some dragonscale. I was watching @epicfailstudios drink out of her scale mug and now I want to make more but different shape. So today I'm playing a bit, ripping up paper templates and trying some different techniques. This scale is upside down because after I made the form, it turned out that I liked it upside down better. Sometimes upside down is how ya gotta flip things so they make sense, right?#studio #pottery #experiment #yycartists #ceramics #plainsmanclay Posted by Intagrate Lite



Fresh from the kiln! Collaboration with Shauna at Epic Fail Studio result in kintsugi beauties like this faux wood and copper yarn bowl.   A new glaze technique plus Shauna: Sometimes a combination of glazes create a powerful glow, run, and altogether breath taking result: Mermaid tails? The mother of pearl is hard to capture in a photo but it’s there on the tail, shimmering a pastel rainbow. No nonsense, sturdy with no frills for those that want function first: Traditional wheel thrown bowls. Waiting in the queue are dragons, octopii, geckos, birds, and a few experiments! We will be ready to rock the Edmonton Fibre Frolic on May 26 . We’ve also started making “Heels & Toes”, our own brand of non-slip adjustable leather soles for slippers. We have branched from grey into a brown option as well. These are available in large adult, small adult, child, and toddler/baby. Remember: SAFETY IS SEXY!


wee sweaters

Want to give your brother a handmade sweater but don’t want to actually knit him one? Need an ornament gift tag to go with the handknit gift you will finish by December 25? We have these sweet little sweaters ready for you! Available this coming weekend at Calgary Fibre Arts Fair Nov 4-5 at the Big Four Building at Stampede park at the Chasing Fire Studio booth. See you there!