all the tiny pumpkins

Stress // To combat stress, I've found a couple of techniques that are serving me very well. The first, I have been painting pumpkins (see my igTV video from Sept 20 for instructions so you can too!) They are getting teenier. It is the calmest way that I've ever combated inner angst.I've also, for those looking for a more aggressive outlet, taken to always answering the phone when it rings. When a scammy phone call comes in such as CRA warning they are arresting me, I press 1 to be connected to the human scammer, close my eyes, take a deep cleansing majestic breath, and push all my horrifying anger into the telephone in the longest loudest from-my-toes scream that I can muster, then hang up before they can respond. I feel better using both of these techniques. If you live with others, warn them before you try #2 or they do come running. ..[Image description: a white hand holding thick watercolour paper square. On the square is a painting of a single orange pumpkin with green stem. A sunflower can be seen in the background behind the hand]..#combatfraud #covidstress #backtoschool #SaveAISH #watercolourpainting #pumpkin Posted by Intagrate Lite


There Be Potters

I had a wonderful time! Great company, fabulous host, and smart artists. What's not to love? Reposted from @coffeeandceramics Great little meet up this month! We talked pots, cookies and future plans! Hopefully you can join us next month for Coffee and Ceramics! Posted by Intagrate Lite



All of my sketchbooks have in-progress drawings of fish right now. Real ones, imaginary ones, cartoony ones, realistic ones. Live for a month with near daily swimming among fish (and often multiple times per day), and it makes my brain want nothing but to be back among creatures of the sea and that watery peace. A sergeant general fish hasn't come up to my face to say hello for over a week and I'm quite forlorn about the whole thing. I suspect that my pots might be covered in fish after our annual "Clean This Terribly Messy Studio" event this week as we prepare to hurl ourselves into 2020, inspired and ready to get some fun new things on our shop shelves. #puertomorelos #watercolorpencil #ink #inprogress #fish #watercolourpencil #fishdrawing #art #artpractice Posted by Intagrate Lite


visiting with our artist friend Jordi

I just ran into Jordi, one of my favourite artists that is visiting #PuertoMorelos He is on his way to the beach to sell his completely handmade jewelry, his wire and tools in his backpack. He and Silvia of @silmarilart work hard on these one of a kind magnificent items. I love the #chainmail and still wear a ring of Jordi's that I purchased years ago, and Silvia's earrings are my daily wear. If you see him, please take a look! His work is normally only on the beach from 4-6pm although tonight Sunday only will be found on a table in the central square in #PuertoMorelosMexico art market so that you can take home a special souvenir too.#buylocal #buyhandmade #artistssupportingartists #cancun #playdelcarmen #chainmail #qualityjewelry @jordielpelegri Posted by Intagrate Lite


20 for 2020

What's on your 20 for 2020 to-do list? I made a list "101 Things To Do in 1001 Days" a decade ago. The timeline was long but also very achievable to plan for more complex items. I threw crazy things on the list, and a strange thing happened. They started to become reality. I started to make them happen. When friends mentioned embarking on an epic road trip, I voted for Yellowknife because visiting the North West Territories was on my List. We did it. I learned to knit because of that list. I read award winning books, swam more often, saw live music, strengthened relationships, tried online friend making, visited Banff, but also bought all new underwear, sheets, and tried a pedicure. I threw all sorts of things on the list and then watched myself manifest.Today, I'm looking for a smaller list of 20 things for 365 days. What's on your list? #HopeIsNotAStrategy #20in2020 Posted by Intagrate Lite


December 1 second every day

D e c e m b e r S u m m a r y // it was full of art, friends, family, making, fixing, hockey, sun, and food. All in all, yes. #1secondeveryday (Christmas Party photo is from @_ocean_loops because I went, laughed, and didn't grab any photographic evidence) Posted by Intagrate Lite


Mexican pottery

Latte con vainilla en hermosas tazas de cerámica is Vanilla latte in beautiful ceramic mugs.#LifeIsBeautiful #caffeinated #ArtIsEverywhere@lecafedamancia Posted by Intagrate Lite


and then we rest

In 9 days, we will begin 4 weeks of rest. The kilns will gather dust. Our shop will be closed. Our minds and bodies will stop focusing on all forms of "work", and we will focus on rest and connection. The hammock is the only thing that will receive a workout. If our bodies tell us to nap, we will. If we want to swim, we will. If we need an early morning walk, we will. I am deeply tired. I am looking forward to rest. Reposted from @thenapministry – Slow down. Connect. Deliver yourself from grind culture. Rest….#napministry #thenapministry #restasresistance #sleep #rest #spiritualcare #healing #naps #napping #soulcare #selfcare #chicago #atlanta #performanceart #naptime #community #archive #spiritualdirection #reparations #joy #socialjustice #racialjustice #justice #communitycare #womanism #restisreparations Posted by Intagrate Lite


popup at Yarn Twisters!

IT'S HAPPENING!! // Saturday Nov 23 1-4pm with Chasing Fire Studio and Fibre Goddess @fibregoddess at YarnTwisters. ? We're gonna rock that shop's socks off. Literally. Jenn has lots of great sock yarn ?Jason is unloading our glaze kiln because we live dangerously, so stay tuned for sneak peaks as we sand and pack.#yycshoplocal #popupshop #Yarntwistersyyc #ceramicsyyc Posted by Intagrate Lite


places you can knit

Places you can knit: waiting for the doctor! Ongoing recovery from June's surprise surgery. Seen here: casting off a @mudpunch & @seaturtlefiberarts combo with next socks on deck from @rach.tmns in my weebra @sewshannonyyc bag #handknits #kip #handknitsocks Posted by Intagrate Lite


20 years <3

20 years married. Let the adventure continue!#marriage #anniversary #weareold Posted by Intagrate Lite


world wide knit in public day – with a toque

World Wide Knit In Public Day! Today I finished this cutie bonbon toque pattern by @tincanknits for a special little potter baby that is entering the world next month and it should fit perfectly for the fall. I love a cable on wee ones. #wwkipday2019 #bonbontoque #tincanknits #knittersofinstagram Posted by Intagrate Lite


The Day Job can be ROUGH

They don't advise repeatedly stabbing her in the eye. I am disappointed. #year11 #TheAssholeRule Posted by Intagrate Lite


I got to be a shopper!

I spent a lovely Mother's Day shopping with my boys and @seaturtlefiberarts , visiting with talented artists at #calgaryspringfibrefestival ? It was nice to see "old" friends and new! I picked up some beauties from @ThingsCreatedEqual @overthemoonyarn and @AlbertaYarnProject with a pattern from @PlanetAnnaKnits (not seen here but seen there – I love seeing @hedgepig_pottery – I'm obsessed with her wee animal beads. Potter love!) Posted by Intagrate Lite


Fibre Nook hearts you

On their way to The Fibre Nook in Edmonton: luscious handmade PRIDE hearts! Each button created then each line of colour glazed by hand in studio. Love is Love #PrideYEG #ceramics #buttons #YEGYarn #KnittersofEdmonton #FibreNook