Edmonton Fibre Frolic May 26

We are heading to Edmonton! On May 26, we’ll be joining the wonderful people at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic to hang out with the fibre fanatics (aka our people) in a new part of the province. I can’t wait!


2018 Market Updates!

I’ve updated our market schedule thus far for 2018. You can find us at the following places among some wonderful friends! April 21, 2018 10am – 5pm Spring Fibre Shindig Hillhurst Sunnyside Comm. Assoc.,  •  1320 5 Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta May 26, 2018 10am – 4pm Edmonton Fibre Frolic Terwillegar Community Church, 1751 Towne Centre Blvd NW Edmonton, Alberta September 8, 2018 11am – 4pm Prairie Fibre Festival Lacombe Memorial Centre Lacombe, Alberta



SHINDIGGITY! April 21 is our first show of 2018 and we’ll be bringing our wares plus some sweet shawl pins from Carolina Szabo. The vendors at this show are so fun and friendly and the volunteers and the bomb. Mark your calendars!


Thank you CFAF!

Thank you for coming out to visit at #CFAF this past weekend. My pedometer displayed 4672 yesterday, and 37 today, so I am obviously all partied out! (and maybe I danced in our booth more than I thought yesterday) Thank you for hosting, Calgary Fibre Arts Festival! #yycyarn #knittersofinstagram #hookersgonnahook #YarnBowlsAllGone #LoveMyFibreCommunity #BuyHandmade


wee sweaters

Want to give your brother a handmade sweater but don’t want to actually knit him one? Need an ornament gift tag to go with the handknit gift you will finish by December 25? We have these sweet little sweaters ready for you! Available this coming weekend at Calgary Fibre Arts Fair Nov 4-5 at the Big Four Building at Stampede park at the Chasing Fire Studio booth. See you there!


Knitted Mugs

I try not to have favourites. I don’t want the other mugs or bowls or buttons to be envious or feel unloved. Everything has a function, even if that function is to be put in the “Bad Day Box” for a future aggression-relieving smashing session. Some pots may be more attractive to look at and definitely feel nicer to hold but I can’t openly declare one better than another in front of the others. Maybe a button is a little off but that’s what makes handmade items so special and unique, right? Sometimes you can see our fingerprints in our work, and you can see clearly that our hands are making everything that you see in our online shop, at the markets we attend, and in the gifts that we give. Everything is beautiful in its own way. All of these reasons are why I snuck these mugs into the house, far from the others, to tell them how much I adore them. I fawned over them. I cooed at them as if they were baby animals. They thrill me. This experiment has been a complete and total success. Ribbed for my pleasure, indeed. We worked hard to make these knitted mugs, and they are 100% handmade here in our studio. They feature my own knitting that was molded for the slabs (and yes, I wish I’d blocked that sample a bit more aggressively). Dishwasher and microwave safe too! We will have this newly released mug at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair in northwest Calgary on November 12 & 13 from 9am-5pm at the Triwood Community Center. Selection is limited so if you’d like something ribbed for your pleasure, come early and see us at our booth! Jason, myself, and Cheryl will be there to assist and either hook you up, or comfort you if we are sold out. I hope we see you there!


Thankful for this firing

I am thankful for this latest glaze firing! Such a lovely flock of sheep, ready to meet their new friends at The Fibre Shindig on Oct 15. We’ll be onsite from 10am to 5pm on Saturday Oct 15 at the Hillburst-Sunnyside Community Centre in Calgary. One day only! 


Spring Fibre Shindig

I’m so late with this post! Better late than never? The Fibre Shindig in April was a fabulous event as a vendor and as a shopper. It is one of my favourite fibre markets, complete with lovely organizers, helpful volunteers, and of course, the amazing shoppers. Every single booth contains handmade items, and for someone like myself that enjoys skilled craft, it’s a dream. I can’t help but adore a market where people walking by will share the names of patterns used for their garments. My favourite item of the day was a copper Dewberry that I saw wandering the floor in all of its beauty. Another project of note was a long sleeved short cardi in bright stripes. What a joy to see and to wear! This was Jason’s first time vending at a fibre fair, and everyone was so kind to him. He managed packing, credit card processing and answering questions when his wife (aka me) became dazzled by yarn and the many familiar faces that stopped by. He enjoyed himself and I heard him tell his mother later that “knitters and crocheters are SO nice”. FIBRE LOVERS HIGH FIVE! We impressed the man. He will definitely be coming to future shows. I missed my great friend Lori who normally comes along for the fun, and I hope we can figure out how to get all three of us to shows at the same time – there will be even more laughter. We were in the same spot as the Fall 2015 Shindig and I adore it because I can see the entire room easily. I was across from skilled artisans Quirefly, Anna’s Needle Critters, Turtle Soup Crafts, and neighbours with the always lovely Sarah from Sea Turtle Fibre Arts to my right, and a potter and quilter Clay & Cloth on my left. The full vendor list is on The Fibre Shindig page, and you will see that they have gathered wonderful people and I was very excited to be in their company once again. When I had a moment to get away, I blew my personal budget in my first walk around, but hey, Calgary only has a handful of times when such great yarn is all gathered in one place. At the Fall Shindig, a great piece by FemmeBroidery came home with me. This year, I was entranced by the 80s Glam colourway by Sea Turtle Fibre Arts. It will be a hat for ME. Or possibly a Dewberry? Or… well, right now, it sits on my desk and I pet it. The Dragonfly Dyewerx Subversive Sock Blanks have SWEAR WORDS on it that no one will ever know about once it’s knit up. This especially tickled my fancy. I have a weakness for swear words, it’s true – drop as many pots as I have and you’d have a very colourful vocabulary too. I stopped to say hi to Jacqueline of Wicked Potter who also belongs to the Etsy Alberta Street Team – her cold pressed soap and earrings needed to come home with me too! I missed the elephant needle felting kit from Fibre Ark but I was able to scoop the sweetest little blue bird from Anna’s Needle Critters. The beautiful vendor apron in blues with my flame logo is by the talented Tamara from EllSpins. She even used one of my very first buttons to great the snap enclosure! Brilliant. If you are a vendor, contact her for an extremely well designed and robust apron. It holds cash and change, my Square reader, my notepad, and my pen. I, along with many of the vendors, picked up a crocheted sheep from Turtle Soup Crafts. I don’t have a great photo of it since I have not been able to get it back since my son grabbed it out of my bag. He has carted his new fleecy friend about the neighbourhood and slept with it nightly since the velour yarn of the sheep body is so soft. All in all, it was a wonderful day. We stopped off at Brewster’s for a refreshing beverage on the way home, and sent cheers to all of the organizers, volunteers, vendors, and shoppers that we were lucky to meet. Thank you to everyone that stopped by, shared a laugh, purchased an item, and contributed to the great atmosphere. I’m very excited for the autumn fibre markets and can’t wait to see everyone again.