making slipper soles

Double time – finishing the making of the last slipper sole orders before Santa arrives! Two of us are side by side to get these babies ready and into the mail! Handmade ️ #slippers #slippersoles #slipperseason #handmadeslippers #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #yyc


Polar Vortex slipper soles!

Polar Vortex 10% off Sale // We wish it was at least 10 degrees warmer so take 10% off in shop. Link in bio! 🧦.My slipper and sock knitting is in full swing during our cold snap. I popped outside to take this video and the temp report is -30 C (“realfeel” at -38C) and I can confirm: I was not picky about video details with a bare hand! Brrrrr! Shown in the video are our “ultra thin” Heels and Toes slipper soles, a smidge thinner than our regular soles. .Our vehicles have given up even trying to run as this weather was the breaking point, one demanding a battery replacement and the other a trip to the mechanic after we have been asking it to stumble onward with that glowing check engine light (so many electrical problems) for far too long. You’ll find our humans now warm at home, cutting suede and buried in woolens instead.  I hope you are warm and cozy where you are!. #slippersoles #suedepatches #soles #socksoles #sockpatches #polarvortex [Image description: a video of a white hand holding a grouped pile of olive brown suede leather slipper soles, flapping them side to side to show flexibility. You can see the snow in the background.) Posted by Intagrate Lite


How to sew on Slipper Soles

I created a step by step video to help you sew on your slipper soles. You’ll need:- slipper- slipper soles- yarn, string, or embroidery thread- tapestry needle Enjoy! #Instruction #SlipperSole #SlipperBottoms #SlipperPads #DIY Posted by Intagrate Lite


slow craft

Slow craft // Slicing up leather for Heels & Toes slipper soles today. I'm imagining warm toesies as the nights are chilling here in Alberta, the mountains reminding us of the cost of living so close to their majesty. These and many other colours will be heading to our good friends in Edmonton at @thefibrenook so, my sweet friends to the north in #yeg, get those slippers knit, crocheted, sewn, and pop in to the shop to choose the perfect sole match to keep you safe from slipping and prevent wear & tear..Not in Edmonton? Visit @stashlounge in Calgary or check our bio for a link to our Etsy shop to order yours. …#slippersoles #slippers #buylocal #makersmovement #handmade #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram Posted by Intagrate Lite



Punchin' holes for your feet / Saving your soles / sizes babe to woman folk and big dude#HandmadeSlipperSoles #SlipperSoles #LeatherWork #SoManyBlistersBecauseWeLoveYou #slippers Posted by Intagrate Lite


Slipper soles

We love to make things to make projects better. These non-slip leather heels & toes are perfect to sew on to slipper projects. Knit, crochet, felted, sewn – they add the perfect finishing touch. We have them available in two colours in four sizes, from baby to large adult. I’ve tested them and this giant clutz (me) is now safe from the terror that is slippery laminate flooring! These will be in our Etsy shop starting June 1, 2018!



Fresh from the kiln! Collaboration with Shauna at Epic Fail Studio result in kintsugi beauties like this faux wood and copper yarn bowl.   A new glaze technique plus Shauna: Sometimes a combination of glazes create a powerful glow, run, and altogether breath taking result: Mermaid tails? The mother of pearl is hard to capture in a photo but it’s there on the tail, shimmering a pastel rainbow. No nonsense, sturdy with no frills for those that want function first: Traditional wheel thrown bowls. Waiting in the queue are dragons, octopii, geckos, birds, and a few experiments! We will be ready to rock the Edmonton Fibre Frolic on May 26 . We’ve also started making “Heels & Toes”, our own brand of non-slip adjustable leather soles for slippers. We have branched from grey into a brown option as well. These are available in large adult, small adult, child, and toddler/baby. Remember: SAFETY IS SEXY!