sore throats and rage

Shop update tba? // Well, covid negative but STREP POSITIVE! We are living on popsicles and antibiotics as we fight our latest visitors. Rest is prescribed so kiln loading and glazing and such is on hold for now until we eradicate these beasties and are back up to 100%. 🤧 And may there be a special hell for people that don’t wear masks at pharmacies where those of us with crappy immune systems HAVE to be to pick up our medication. Not wearing a mask is rude, but not wearing one where people with illnesses and weakened immune systems must visit to care for their health is bonafide asshole behaviour. This entitled bratty stuff baffles me. Please pull your relatives and friends aside and remind them that cancer patients are in pharmacies. Chronically ill people are in pharmacies. Care givers are in pharmacies. People who, no matter how many vaccinations they get, do not form antibodies, are in pharmacies. If others don’t want to wear a mask, don’t enter a pharmacy and put those people at risk. Go somewhere else with your maskless bratty behaviour to buy a greeting card or milk FFS. Leave the at risk people alone. . . . [A mostly eaten pink popsicle held against a woven turquoise blue blanket background. ] . . . #Sick #Tired #WearYourMaskorGTFO #PickUpMyMedsInPeace


covid sucks

Staying home // We’ve made the hard decision to stay home this weekend rather than attend the amazing Creekside Yarn Festival. With immune compromised folk and asthma in our house, covid-19 isn’t something we can risk as we watch community cases skyrocket. We are so sad to miss seeing you, showing you what we’ve been working on, and seeing what YOU’VE been making. We’ll arrange a date for a shop update eta next week once we’re a bit less sad. . . [Image: a very dirty pottery wheel with a dark circle in the middle with white text displaying “Staying Home”] . #CreeksideYarnFestival #covidsucks


Creekside Yarn Festival is coming!

Next weekend!!! Jan 15 coming soon and although we won’t be able to make it any longer, many of our friends will be! Reposted from @creekside_yarnfestival Welcome Jason and Cara from @chasingfirestudio to the @creekside_yarnfestival . They are a husband and wife team that creates pottery and fibre accessories in southeast Calgary. They love texture and bright colours in their ceramics and their work shows it. They will be bringing yarn bowls, mugs, buttons and leather slipper soles for your slipper projects as well as trinket bowls, shawl pins and some select sculptures to bring a smile. They are excited to be vending at our festival for the first time! #creeksideyarnfestival #chasingfirestudio


throwing friend

New studio buddy // little duck friend floats in my throwing water, very satisfying. . . [Description: my white hand drops an small orange rubber ducky into a white pail of muddy clay throwing water.] . # #smalljoys #wheelthrownpottery #potteryvideos #rubberducky


slipper soles

New Year 15% off sale // We’re BACK, baby! To celebrate 2022, here’s 15% off everything in store until January 9, no coupon needed. Keep yourself warm while we ramp hard in studio to get ready for Creekside Festival on January 15 in Airdrie, Alberta. 🏺 . . #EtsySale #slippersoles #leatherwork #leathersoles #slipperbottoms #slippers #handmadeshoes #handmadeslippers #yycmade link to our shop in bio!


2021 One Second At a Time

2021 in one second per day // I’m grateful for this videography project every month, and especially at the end of the year. 2021 was lovely, bringing us closer and clarifying our needs. It also clearly reminded me more and more that the days are long and the years are short. Best wishes to you, my darlings, as we head into 2022. . . #2021inReview #love #JoyInSmallThings


Merry Merry and Happy Happy

We are on our annual winter rest, cuddling in as we prepare for Santa’s arrival (that’s how we celebrate!) and reminiscing about the remarkable year we have had. There were challenges but we have been lifted by our friends, families, creative community, and customers. Our creativity has expanded and our expansion of our online presence, and your support of that, has been a gift in these days (years?) of change. As we forge forward, excited about 2022 and ready for what it may bring, we wish you the best over the holidays and hope that your wishes come true. xoxo Jason, Cara, and The Kid (and the studio Goose)


Slipper Soles!!

Deadline // The last day to order Heels n Toes slipper soles for 2021 is Dec 14! Our annual winter shutdown starts this coming week until Jan 2 2022, and this gives us enough time to make your soles and send them in the mail before we rest. We make them to order, especially for each customer 🥰 If you’ve been dreaming of making yourself slippers this winter, order before Tuesday night when I flip us into vacation. Etsy shop link is in our bio. Thank you! . . . #yycleather #yycknitters #yyccrochet #slipperleather #slippersole #slipperbottom


more wee head in progress

Dramatic lighting // I finished this wee pot on the weekend and it’s drying under the watchful eyes of the surrounding faces. This is going to be another exercise in planning a date for bisque firing then delaying it so I can squeeze juuusssst one more head in. I can feel it. I’ve been occupied elsewhere for a couple of days so the heads are just staring and waiting for their numbers to increase. They nag that way when I see them because I want MORE. So many more. . I’ll be back to making yarn bowls shortly for those that like a good throwing video. Noses and bowls are what the future holds. 🏺 . . [Image description: A white clay pinch pot resting on a dusty charcoal gray board. On the pot is sculpted a realistic eyes nose and mouth. It is surrounded by similar pots of varying sizes. The lighting is very drastically shadowed by a bright light from the front right. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterlife #canadianceramics #AlbertaPotters


heads in progress

Make new friends // I’m attending the virtual #CeramicsCongress this weekend and making as I watch/participate. This friend isn’t keen on being photographed as it dries, the lighting is bouncing strange no matter what I try so this will be the only “before” photo until completion. Some pieces are more shy, I suppose. It recovered from a smooshing incident and I’ll post a video with some of the steps that I took to fix the poor bruising. There, there, little friend. You’re ok now. 🤕 . . . [Image description: a white clay pot with a realistic face with eyes, nose, and mouth sculpted on it. The background has several unsculpted pots waiting. All are sitting in a dusty charcoal-black coloured surface. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #functionalpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterslife


finished head

November // this head had found its home so I’m now able to share photos. The matte surface worked out quite well on this one and I created a little matching dish for watering overflow. Pothos from @bigskyplantco [Image description: White clay pinch pot with a realistic eyes, nose, mouth sculpted on the front. Pot is perched on a matching white dish. Pot is surrounded by variegated pothos plant vines on a wooden slab.] . . #pinchpot #facepot #headpot #planter #pottery #ceramics #AlbertaArtist #CanadianCeramics #CanadianSculpture #Anatomy #SlowArt #handbuilding



Yarn bowl in YEG // This yarnbowl and friends are now at The Fibre Nook in Edmonton! 🥰 I love sending work for those who can’t make it to Calgary for our in person markets. Kitchener mugs, handmade buttons, slipper soles, and sweater ornaments are also available. Please head to visit all the amazing things in their beautiful shop. We are so grateful to be included among their artists. . . . #yarnbowl #shoplocal #handmadeChristmas #YEGYarn #YEGhandmade


I love holding this little one

Heads // And continuing our quest to populate the world with ceramic best friends with potted hair, I have another itsy plant pot drying on the table tonight. Solemnly calm creature, this one. . . . [Image description: A white hand, arm clad in a rust orange sleeve, holds a small grey clay pinch pot in the palm of its hand. The pot has a realistic human face with eyes, nose and mouth. In the background, several other similar larger pots can be seen.] . . #ceramicart #ceramicarts #ceramicartist #ceramicplanter #ceramicsculpture #claylife #ceramicsculpture #potteryartist #pinchpots #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #potterymaking #potteryprocess #potterystudio #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #yycart #MadeInAlberta



Smooch // The second series of heads is coming together nicely. Working lips first on this one. Who will it be??? . . . [Image description: a white hand holds a rotund pinch pot made of grey / white clay at an angle. A pile of sculpting tools lies to the side. The pot has a sculpted pair of closed lips on the lower third of the pot.] . #ceramics #sculpture #headpot #facesculpture #pinchpot #keramik #plainsmanclay #potteryprocess #TheHeads



Buttons // sewing buttons on cards to better show off these magnificent glazes in the light. Spice up your project with these little gems of oomph, available tomorrow Nov 6 at Bridgeland Riverside Community Centre in Calgary. . . . #handmadebuttons #ceramicbuttons #albertapotters @albertapottersassociation #yycevents