Polar Vortex 10% off Sale // We wish it was at least 10 degrees warmer so take 10% off in shop. Link in bio! 🧦.My slipper and sock knitting is in full swing during our cold snap. I popped outside to take this video and the temp report is -30 C (“realfeel” at -38C) and I can confirm: I was not picky about video details with a bare hand! Brrrrr! Shown in the video are our “ultra thin” Heels and Toes slipper soles, a smidge thinner than our regular soles. .Our vehicles have given up even trying to run as this weather was the breaking point, one demanding a battery replacement and the other a trip to the mechanic after we have been asking it to stumble onward with that glowing check engine light (so many electrical problems) for far too long. You’ll find our humans now warm at home, cutting suede and buried in woolens instead.  I hope you are warm and cozy where you are!.

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[Image description: a video of a white hand holding a grouped pile of olive brown suede leather slipper soles, flapping them side to side to show flexibility. You can see the snow in the background.)

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