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Tools // We talk so much about tools in studio, in our videos, with other artists and ceramic artists and potters. We all have our favourite ride-or-die BFF tools. Jason and I regularly hoard red ribs (the red rubbery tool with a hole in the middle of it, seen in photo). I have a metal bit from a disassembled scotch tape dispenser glued to a chopstick that makes my heart flutter. As a family, the bin of round sponges at our supplier, Ceramics Canada, is a joy – our son once ended up face down and feet up in that barrel as he yearned to reach the bottom through the thousands of sponges. We do like the things that we like. 🖌These days of glazing and painting, we have favourite brushes and chairs as we work through the backlog of pots. The chill in the air is reminding us that we should appreciate every warm day we have, so we are achingly behind our own schedule. Lucky for us, our priority to enjoy these moments outside the studio before the snow flies is something we can take without guilt. Our tools will wait. They are wonderful that way.🖌What are your priorities this week?…[Image description: a charcoal black work surface with clay dust, covered in a variety of pottery tools: ball tools, brushes, a round yellow sponge, a red rib, a silver carving tool, and a small piece of clay.]..#creativeprocess #creativelife #handmademovement #artisanmade #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #etsyartist #ceramics #pottery #AlbertaMade #yycarts #canadianceramics #ipreview via

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