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The Schedule // Spoiler: it's changed twice already since this photo was taken (my dates for activities were wayyyy off and Jason has items to add to the first August bisque so… revamp!) However, we have an outline, a checklist, a guide of sorts to take us into mid-October. It may change wildly depending on what "Digital School" looks like for our son, what repairs are needed around our home before the snow flies, and if anyone in our community/cohort needs support. Or if we get sick. Plan A is in place but we don't mind having other plans in the wings, just in case.How are you organizing your weeks? Are you still creating with the robust strength as you did pre-Covid Times? Do you need strong calendar organization or can you wing it with ease? 🦁🤡 Our circus would love to hear how you manage!#studioplanning #artpractice #studioorganization #productivity

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