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Happy to be part of your break. Jason will have these ready for the fall because right now he is busy fighting wasps (the attack bug kind) rather than creating. Defending (and fixing wasp damage!) the bomestead is Important Work.Reposted from @almosthippiemum My 5 minutes of peace today while I finished up my newest blog post. This is the best thing I've ever found on Pinterest: Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate. Made with creamy earl grey and dark chocolate SO good. And my @chasingfirestudio mug is a pretty accurate representation my mood, even if I wasn't crocheting (I need one that says writing!)Chocolate Hobnob because everyone knows chocolate Hobnobs are the best kind. 🤷‍♀️#cuppateaandabiscuit #teaearlgreyhot #chocolate #calgaryblogger #yycblogger #localpottery #swearymug #almosthippie #lessthan5minutes #mumbreak #gardenwriting #chocolatehobnobs

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