The glaze test tiles came out of the kiln today. It was exciting, shocking and exhilirating.

Let me introduce you to:

Turquoise is very pretty but Gunmetal really captured my imagination. It accents the ridges in the clay just perfectly, highlighting every carving and every fingerprint which is what I’m aiming for.

The khaki? Not as much. I think I’ll continue to use a similar, yet more interesting, commercial glaze rather than develop the khaki. Plus, I doomed it from the start by calling it “khaki”. Maybe if it was named “giraffe woods” or “ember golden”, it would have had better potential.

I still yearn for the perfect green yet the ones I adore have barium in the recipe and just from toxicity potential of barium when using my wares (as mugs, buttons, what have you), it’s not a recipe I’d use in my studio. That will be my next challenge: the perfect green.

Until then;