from instagram Mar 16, 2022 @ 07:00

Breakfast with a friend // Adding final touches to this face pot this morning, created with guidance of @artgolban during his Sculpture Facial Elements class. This was an incredibly rewarding and challenging class through the University of Saskatchewan, and I highly recommend. 👁️🏼🏼 #LifelongLearning #ceramics #handbuilding #pinchpot #facialelements #facialsculpting #facesculpture #pottery #facepots #yyc . . [Image description: Large white clay pinch pot with realistic face sculpted onto the surface. Face is looking slightly up to the right with a neutral expression and sits on a dark brown table, with pottery tools scattered in the background ]


from instagram Mar 12, 2022 @ 10:08

And again // Working back on the wheel after a long three months working through shoulder injuries! Centering clay on the wheel is normally quick but I’m savouring hands on clay before opening for a mug bottom. 🌶️ Some great successes, some really funny fails, and I did work too long because these shoulders were hot and SPICY when I finally called it for the night. But it felt GOOD to be back out. 🌶️ And now back to sorting kiln accessories while these shoulders chill. The New Baby arrives next week and we are selling our tried and true 7 cu foot Duncan Kiln and I want to send lots of goodies with the new owner (details with link in stories until it sells). 🌶️ Are you back to something you love as the Ides of March approach? . . . . [Accessibility text: white woman’s hands on a metal pottery wheelhead filmed from overhead, centering grey clay. At the end of the clip, she uses her fingers and then a sponge to push down into the center and then pull the clay outwards to create the bottom of the future mug.] . . #potteryvideo #centeringvideo #throwingvideo #mugthrowing #ceramics #pottery #wheelthrown #ceramicvideo #potteryprocess #yyckiln #yyc @albertapottersassociation


from instagram Oct 02, 2021 @ 09:22

Cold toes // From now until end of day Thanksgiving Oct 12, slipper soles are on sale in shop (link in bio). My toes are COLD so yours might be too so let’s get to work warming them up, shall we? This luscious black leather was a chance add to our lineup and it is now one of our most popular. Our supplier always steers me to the softest yet durable for our feetsies. . . . #Etsy #Slippers #SlipperSoles #slipperseason #SlipperBottoms #Sale #yyc #soles #MadeInAlberta