Oooh a visitor!

I’m gonna hang out with this lady and see how much trouble we can make at the clay table. I like new victims/friends!  Chantal from The Skein Game is coming over, and Jason & I are going to TRY to avoid getting caught on camera bickering about who hid the red rib* from whom.  #MondayFunday * We have two red flexy Mudtools ribs in the studio. They are both mine and Jason’s favourite clay tool. I purchased both of them thus I know that they exist. I often search and search to find them both and put them side by side to prove to both of us that there are, in fact, two, and they are, in fact, here. As I turn off the lights and close the door of the studio, at least one of those ribs hide, and we are left to fight over the remaining rib. On really terribly mischievous nights, both ribs dash about, and we are left bickering over who last had The Red Ribs, and their current whereabouts. Seventeen years of marriage, folks. This is what keeps it interesting.