sore throats and rage

Shop update tba? // Well, covid negative but STREP POSITIVE! We are living on popsicles and antibiotics as we fight our latest visitors. Rest is prescribed so kiln loading and glazing and such is on hold for now until we eradicate these beasties and are back up to 100%. 🤧 And may there be a special hell for people that don’t wear masks at pharmacies where those of us with crappy immune systems HAVE to be to pick up our medication. Not wearing a mask is rude, but not wearing one where people with illnesses and weakened immune systems must visit to care for their health is bonafide asshole behaviour. This entitled bratty stuff baffles me. Please pull your relatives and friends aside and remind them that cancer patients are in pharmacies. Chronically ill people are in pharmacies. Care givers are in pharmacies. People who, no matter how many vaccinations they get, do not form antibodies, are in pharmacies. If others don’t want to wear a mask, don’t enter a pharmacy and put those people at risk. Go somewhere else with your maskless bratty behaviour to buy a greeting card or milk FFS. Leave the at risk people alone. . . . [A mostly eaten pink popsicle held against a woven turquoise blue blanket background. ] . . . #Sick #Tired #WearYourMaskorGTFO #PickUpMyMedsInPeace