locations far and wide

I’ve finished wrapping up tonight’s packages and tomorrow, I’ll visit the ladies at my post outlet and send these off to locations across North America.  While I was on the phone and marveling about the variety of places I address packages, my mom said “wouldn’t it be interesting to map all the places where you’ve sent buttons?” She was completely right. I wonder often where my buttons and other items live, what they’re doing and if they miss me. If they’ve found the perfect cardigan to secure or are guarding the place in a treasured book. While I have crazy imaginative dreams about the things that have zipped off through the mail, I opened Google maps and started entering city names. This is a graphic representing every unique location that I’ve mailed buttons since April 2012: I love seeing all those little blue dot but now I want to make it my goal to get the people in Wyoming wearing my buttons. Wyoming is a large place and it’s chilly, perfect for a sweater and perfect for buttons. The day I send a package to Wyoming will be a day of intense celebration. Oooh Iceland would look so much more beautiful with a little blue marker too! But, I’ll keep my goal WYOMING and for next anniversary, ICELAND. The one year anniversary of my online shop is in 68 days. SIXTY EIGHT! I’ve had 63 sales directly through my shop and I really want to hit 100 online sales before my anniversary so I’m offering a 10% off coupon code in February. Enter CELEBRATE at checkout! I hope to be mailing a package to you soon (especially if you live in Wyoming).   (note: an updated map is located HERE.)


heart warmers

just one more row Chasing Fire Studio was mentioned on the “Just One More Row” podcast! Dana and Brittany are fibre artists in Tennessee that discuss everything to do with knit, crochet, spinning and everything that fills our lives in between. Just One More Row -Episode 53 (the Big Mention is at 49:43 or so. I was so excited that I noted the time so I could listen to it again and again!) It’s pretty heart warming to hear positive words from these great ladies. —- ETSY I host my online shop in a community called Etsy. It is a collection of handmade, vintage and suppliers online. Not only do I sell, I spend so much time browsing and buying too. I’m a huge fan of the Discovery television show Mythbusters. The stars, Jamie and Adam, are amazing makers and scientists in their own rights. I love to watch science + making + art because all three of these are also passions in my own life. When I found out today that Adam Savage is a regular customer at Etsy? (swoon)  Adam talks about the Etsy community, the artistry, the customer service and the personal touch of hand made items. Being an artisan on Etsy is wonderful and having Adam mention us with such high regard is my second heart warming moment of the day. I can’t wait for the day he wants ceramic buttons. The article to go with the video is here.