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Dramatic lighting // I finished this wee pot on the weekend and it’s drying under the watchful eyes of the surrounding faces. This is going to be another exercise in planning a date for bisque firing then delaying it so I can squeeze juuusssst one more head in. I can feel it. I’ve been occupied elsewhere for a couple of days so the heads are just staring and waiting for their numbers to increase. They nag that way when I see them because I want MORE. So many more. . I’ll be back to making yarn bowls shortly for those that like a good throwing video. Noses and bowls are what the future holds. 🏺 . . [Image description: A white clay pinch pot resting on a dusty charcoal gray board. On the pot is sculpted a realistic eyes nose and mouth. It is surrounded by similar pots of varying sizes. The lighting is very drastically shadowed by a bright light from the front right. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterlife #canadianceramics #AlbertaPotters


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Make new friends // I’m attending the virtual #CeramicsCongress this weekend and making as I watch/participate. This friend isn’t keen on being photographed as it dries, the lighting is bouncing strange no matter what I try so this will be the only “before” photo until completion. Some pieces are more shy, I suppose. It recovered from a smooshing incident and I’ll post a video with some of the steps that I took to fix the poor bruising. There, there, little friend. You’re ok now. 🤕 . . . [Image description: a white clay pot with a realistic face with eyes, nose, and mouth sculpted on it. The background has several unsculpted pots waiting. All are sitting in a dusty charcoal-black coloured surface. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #functionalpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterslife


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Heads // And continuing our quest to populate the world with ceramic best friends with potted hair, I have another itsy plant pot drying on the table tonight. Solemnly calm creature, this one. . . . [Image description: A white hand, arm clad in a rust orange sleeve, holds a small grey clay pinch pot in the palm of its hand. The pot has a realistic human face with eyes, nose and mouth. In the background, several other similar larger pots can be seen.] . . #ceramicart #ceramicarts #ceramicartist #ceramicplanter #ceramicsculpture #claylife #ceramicsculpture #potteryartist #pinchpots #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #potterymaking #potteryprocess #potterystudio #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #yycart #MadeInAlberta


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Say cheese! // Fresh Outta the kiln. . . . #MakeNewFriends #pinchpots #sculpture #yycartists #ceramic @albertapottersassociation #albertapotters


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VIDEO Process // Here is one of my little head pots from their first resemblance of a face to the fully sculpted details, to bisque and oxide completion, to the finished glossy piece. This little friend will be with me on Saturday at the @albertapottersassociation show with a small collection of wee friends (many of them are currently cooling – I’ll have photos tomorrow). Please come early for best selection, doors open at 10am and pack your mask and vaccination record. (And your “smize”) 🥰 . . . #pinchpots #potteryprogress #oxide #cone6oxidation #ceramic #albertapotters


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Halloween // working on some new friends near to the front door tonight while spooky scary skeletons are ringing the doorbell, hollering for treats. Toss some candy, work on a nose, adore a costume, put on an eyelid. This is a pretty fun way to spend a creative night! . Who knows if these will be dry and double fired by Saturday’s show I’m trying. Plus can’t stop won’t stop. . . [Image description: a white hand holding a white clay pot with a face sculpted. In the background is two smaller pots with hollow insides with faces also sculpted on the front.] #ceramics #potteryprocess #pinchpots #plantpots #plantsForHair #facesculpture #clayfaces #headpots #canadianceramicsstudio


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Heads // Obsessed. Many of these are sold. More will be available on Nov 6 at the #APASale @albertapottersassociation . . . #MakeFriends #pinchpots #facesculpture #pottery #ceramics #keramic #ceramika #headpot


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Glaze test results // I’m contemplating glazing half my head pots in a clear glaze with no dimension for a cold alien feel, and for the other half, I want a range of rich skin colours and “life”. I did several tests and well, lucky me that failure is part of the journey to success. These are my favourite results thus far. The right result, a thin tenmoku, has shine in the deeper crevices that I’m not sure if I’m a fan of yet. The matte RIO warm brown tones on the left is the only truly successful glaze test that seemed to capture the nuance of rich tones within the same face. I now know what doesn’t work in my glaze and underglazes “kitchen”: other tests came out quite green or jaundiced, or my wiping was far too aggressive leaving the colour to fade completely after firing. My clear glaze on top of the testers almost always turned my browns to greens, or even clear (as seen on the top of the left pot), a glaze chemistry fascination. I’ll keep working and practicing and testing but I’m quite excited about finding one that has such potential. 🥰 (Tagging @liz.larue.7 so she can see this process update!) . . . #sculpture #pinchpots #facesculpture #clay #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #potteryprocess #redironoxide


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I make heads so they can grow hair // I was in grade four or five when my teacher handed out raw chicken eggs, and we drew faces upon them. We then blew them out so they were hollow, and carefully peeled off the top bit of shell. We crafted the fanciest of toilet paper roll pedestals for our eggs, then propped them atop and added soil and grass seed. Adding a bit of water, they were set upon the classroom ledge and we were asked to dig into our wee selves and find patience. Within days, we had the start of grass shoots and within weeks, were able to trim and style our little egghead’s grass hairdo. 🥚 I can only assume this is remnant sweet memory and bliss from that project. You never know what will stay in a young artist’s heart, only to arise again over three decades later. 🥚 . . [image description: Two white plant pots with faces. The left contains a jade plant and the right contains a delicate circular vining plant with multiple strands down the pot’s “face”. They are perched on a white shelf in front of a bookshelf] . . #sculpture #pinchpots #houseplants #handbuilding #KeepArtInSchool #canadianceramics #pottery #ceramics #cone6oxidation


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Hot Sunday // And when it is hot, we make empty heads in the shade on the deck. It’s 32 C here in Calgary, and I may now just pour myself a cocktail, and go lay in the shade with the hose misting me. Because WOW. ️ . . . #pinchpots #sculpture #facesculpture #facesculpting #CanadianCeramics #AlbertaPotters #plainsmanpottery #handbuilding #ceramics #pottery #studiolife


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Faces // I worked on more small pinch pot faces during our brief hot weather spike this past weekend. Now as the weather chills as May long approaches, I’m cleaning up these cheeks and pondering the sizes of the pots. This larger one is significantly larger than the two in the last set, which I like for larger plants. I adore the unruly hair that plants add to give these pots their real finishing touches. #canadianceramics #sculpture #pinchpots #pottery