the most beautiful moth

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/beauty-this-beautiful-ceramic-piece-is-gracing-the-door-i-use-between-house-and-studio-so-i-can-see-1-4.jpg” size=”medium”] Beauty // This beautiful ceramic piece is gracing the door I use between house and studio so I can see it every time I leave the house. Misty of @wanderandflux and I “met” in a pottery group on a knitting website and I’ve been actively watching the gorgeous art this amazing person produces ever since. She teaches younger humans art, records her process for other potters, and is a super duper kind human that is making this world a better place. Watch for her upcoming shop updates Feb 26 or 27 and don’t hesitate – she sells out in moments! . . . #Moth #PottersUnite #WanderAndFlux . [Image description: laying on a pale turquoise woven blanket is a wide winged glossy black ceramic moth with intricately carved toadstools into the white clay, leaving white lines against black. The top of the moth has a dusty rose coloured accent and black glitter on the head. It is strung on a white and silver strand glitter string. ]