Camera + laptop


The one labourious drawback to online retail is adding items to the shop. The process is referred to as “listing items”. Each item for sale needs five photographs so that I can show detail, size, and every angle for a buyer that can’t pick up the product to inspect it. It’s a long process, then I upload the photos and create keywords and a detailed description for each. With hundreds of items to photograph and list on Etsy = I will be looking at this setup every evening and weekend for the near future. The laptop that I use to upload photos and create listings is to the right of the lightbox pictured below, and the entire setup is on a rolling cart so that I’m always ready for a photo + listing session. I can roll it to a warmer area of the studio, grab myself a tea, and get to work. You’ll hear me talking to myself with the occasional “oooooh! This glaze worked out so PRETTY!” because no matter how long it takes to inspect and photograph every button, I enjoy it because I’m a ceramic geek at heart.