COMING SOON! In Person market

it’s coming soon!!! Come see us and our fibery friends in Airdrie Reposted from @creekside_yarnfestival Save the date! In just 2 more months it will be time for the 5th annual @creekside_yarnfestival. Join us for some fun and shopping after the hectic holiday season!! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the featured vendors and floorplan. We have 36 vendors with a wide variety of wonderful goodies. #creeksideyarnfestival #polkadotcreek #creekgardenscrafts #yarnparty #shopsmallbusiness #crochetersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #weaversofinstagram #makersofinstagram


making slipper soles

Double time – finishing the making of the last slipper sole orders before Santa arrives! Two of us are side by side to get these babies ready and into the mail! Handmade ️ #slippers #slippersoles #slipperseason #handmadeslippers #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #yyc


knitting content

Such a beautiful hat pattern and wonderful knitting! I’ll be loading more F # CK mugs into the shop this weekend as we start the first stage of the February shop update. Glazing is about to start for the next stage of yarn bowls, cable mugs, and and wee heads. ️ Reposted from @fibregoddess Hopefully going to finish up and block my Enero Toque from @woolygems. The contrast isn’t as much as I’d like do the beautiful pattern doesn’t stick out as much as I’d like but I’m loving it anyway . . . . Image description: a gradient blue hat on knitting needles sits in front of a teal mug that says F@ #k off I’m knitting from @chasingfirestudio . . . . #knitting #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #hatknitting #yarnlove