wild hair

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/i-make-heads-so-they-can-grow-hair-i-was-in-grade-four-or-five-when-my-teacher-handed-out-raw-chicke-1.jpg” size=”medium”] I make heads so they can grow hair // I was in grade four or five when my teacher handed out raw chicken eggs, and we drew faces upon them. We then blew them out so they were hollow, and carefully peeled off the top bit of shell. We crafted the fanciest of toilet paper roll pedestals for our eggs, then propped them atop and added soil and grass seed. Adding a bit of water, they were set upon the classroom ledge and we were asked to dig into our wee selves and find patience. Within days, we had the start of grass shoots and within weeks, were able to trim and style our little egghead’s grass hairdo. 🥚 I can only assume this is remnant sweet memory and bliss from that project. You never know what will stay in a young artist’s heart, only to arise again over three decades later. 🥚 . . [image description: Two white plant pots with faces. The left contains a jade plant and the right contains a delicate circular vining plant with multiple strands down the pot’s “face”. They are perched on a white shelf in front of a bookshelf] . . #sculpture #pinchpots #houseplants #handbuilding #KeepArtInSchool #canadianceramics #pottery #ceramics #cone6oxidation