pinch pots

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/no-easy-button-my-head-said-this-clay-isnt-made-for-this-bashy-work-what-are-you-doing-and-my-heart-.jpg” size=”medium”] No Easy Button // My head said “this clay isn’t made for this bashy work, WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and my heart said “PFFFT” and some quote about getting to success faster if you steam through the failures. Or something. My head wasn’t really listening. Pinch pots from super soft porcelain, this could be really cool. Or a learning experience. . We’ll find out later which was right: ️ or 🧠 once these firm up a bit for sculpting faces. . Happy 2023! May your heart’s desires guide you (isn’t the journey the most important part anyway?) . . #pinchpots #headpots #handbuiltpottery #potteryprocess


a gaggle of heads

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/glaze-day-today-is-finally-the-day-to-sit-back-and-add-colour-to-the-little-pot-heads-head-pots.-the.jpg” size=”medium”] Glaze day // Today is finally the day to sit back and add colour to the little pot heads, head pots. The finished friends will be available at the Friday September 16 Inglewood Night Market where I will be with the lovely Alberta Potters Association tent 🥰 See @inglewoodnightmarketyyc for event details! . . . #headpots #bisque #potteryprocess #glazing #ceramics #pottery #sculpture #faceplanters #pinchpot


my fave head pots for this release

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/after-fresh-from-the-kiln.-️-the-skin-tones-are-much-richer-than-i-could-hope-for-and-im-so-thrill.jpg” size=”medium”] After // Fresh from the kiln. ️ The skin tones are much richer than I could hope for and I’m so thrilled. The mix between pupil and non-pupil pots is really working for me. I’m now ready to glaze the rest of this batch of sweethearts to ready them for adoption. I will have these at the Inglewood nightmarket in Calgary mid September and in the online shop afterwards. Those red lips on the third friend are so vibrant and I’m here for it but I’m tempted to add some gloss rather than the matte What do you think? . . . #pinchpots #handbuiltpottery #pottery #ceramics #headpots #facepots #faceplanters #littlepots #handbuilding #sculpture #yyc #yycart #AlbertaMade


a stack o heads

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pillar-progress-i-finally-completed-the-asymmetrical-finishing-touches-on-these-faces-and-i-am-letti.jpg” size=”medium”] Pillar progress // I finally completed the asymmetrical finishing touches on these faces and I am letting the pillar pots dry. They will join the other waiting heads in the kiln through first bisque firing then a second glaze firing sometime this summer. Working out on the deck with a temporary sculpting studio was a refreshing change of pace although the clay dried quickly, giving my timeline a shortening. The birds singing, sounds of children playing, and the sweet scent of lilacs on the wind? What a lovely day to make pots. . . . #notskunks #pinchpots #facepots #headpots #ceramics #ceramik #clay #pottery #potteryprocess . . [Image description: Three rounded white clay pinch pots stacked upon each other, each with a different neutral peaceful face sculpted upon it. Each of the faces have eyes with pupils, a nose, and lips with fleshed cheeks. They are positioned on the right of the photo on a faded wooded table.]


lookit, it’s my face

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/birthday-sale-its-sale-time-15-off-everything-in-shop-link-in-bio-no-coupon-code-needed-i-made-it-ar.jpg” size=”medium”] Birthday Sale! // IT’S SALE TIME!!!! 15% off everything in shop (link in bio) no coupon code needed – I made it around the world successfully during a global pandemic. That’s cause for celebration. Let’s make slippers, plant things, drink things, sew buttons on things! Oh – YYCPICKUP code does give you free shipping on stuff that has shipping if you’ll come to Mckenzie Towne in Calgary to pick it up. 🦄 Sale on now until Feb 28. Now excuse me, I have so much cake to eat. xoxo . . . #yycsale #etsysale #slippersoles #mugsale #headpots #etsy


more wee head in progress

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/dramatic-lighting-i-finished-this-wee-pot-on-the-weekend-and-its-drying-under-the-watchful-eyes-of-t-1.jpg” size=”medium”] Dramatic lighting // I finished this wee pot on the weekend and it’s drying under the watchful eyes of the surrounding faces. This is going to be another exercise in planning a date for bisque firing then delaying it so I can squeeze juuusssst one more head in. I can feel it. I’ve been occupied elsewhere for a couple of days so the heads are just staring and waiting for their numbers to increase. They nag that way when I see them because I want MORE. So many more. . I’ll be back to making yarn bowls shortly for those that like a good throwing video. Noses and bowls are what the future holds. 🏺 . . [Image description: A white clay pinch pot resting on a dusty charcoal gray board. On the pot is sculpted a realistic eyes nose and mouth. It is surrounded by similar pots of varying sizes. The lighting is very drastically shadowed by a bright light from the front right. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterlife #canadianceramics #AlbertaPotters


heads in progress

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/make-new-friends-im-attending-the-virtual-ceramicscongress-this-weekend-and-making-as-i-watchpartici-1.jpg” size=”medium”] Make new friends // I’m attending the virtual #CeramicsCongress this weekend and making as I watch/participate. This friend isn’t keen on being photographed as it dries, the lighting is bouncing strange no matter what I try so this will be the only “before” photo until completion. Some pieces are more shy, I suppose. It recovered from a smooshing incident and I’ll post a video with some of the steps that I took to fix the poor bruising. There, there, little friend. You’re ok now. 🤕 . . . [Image description: a white clay pot with a realistic face with eyes, nose, and mouth sculpted on it. The background has several unsculpted pots waiting. All are sitting in a dusty charcoal-black coloured surface. ] . . #pinchpots #headpots #facesculpture #ceramicart #modernceramics #handemadeceramics #ceramicpots #ceramicplanter #ceramicstudio #ceramicsculpture #claylife #pottery #handmadepottery #handbuiltpottery #functionalpottery #potteryprocess #potterygram #pottersofinstagram #potterslife


workin’ on friends

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/halloween-working-on-some-new-friends-near-to-the-front-door-tonight-while-spooky-scary-skeletons-ar-1.jpg” size=”medium”] Halloween // working on some new friends near to the front door tonight while spooky scary skeletons are ringing the doorbell, hollering for treats. Toss some candy, work on a nose, adore a costume, put on an eyelid. This is a pretty fun way to spend a creative night! . Who knows if these will be dry and double fired by Saturday’s show I’m trying. Plus can’t stop won’t stop. . . [Image description: a white hand holding a white clay pot with a face sculpted. In the background is two smaller pots with hollow insides with faces also sculpted on the front.] #ceramics #potteryprocess #pinchpots #plantpots #plantsForHair #facesculpture #clayfaces #headpots #canadianceramicsstudio