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[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/such-a-beautiful-hat-pattern-and-wonderful-knitting-ill-be-loading-more-f-ck-mugs-into-the-shop-this.jpg” size=”medium”] Such a beautiful hat pattern and wonderful knitting! I’ll be loading more F # CK mugs into the shop this weekend as we start the first stage of the February shop update. Glazing is about to start for the next stage of yarn bowls, cable mugs, and and wee heads. ️ Reposted from @fibregoddess Hopefully going to finish up and block my Enero Toque from @woolygems. The contrast isn’t as much as I’d like do the beautiful pattern doesn’t stick out as much as I’d like but I’m loving it anyway . . . . Image description: a gradient blue hat on knitting needles sits in front of a teal mug that says F@ #k off I’m knitting from @chasingfirestudio . . . . #knitting #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #hatknitting #yarnlove