a gaggle of heads

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/glaze-day-today-is-finally-the-day-to-sit-back-and-add-colour-to-the-little-pot-heads-head-pots.-the.jpg” size=”medium”] Glaze day // Today is finally the day to sit back and add colour to the little pot heads, head pots. The finished friends will be available at the Friday September 16 Inglewood Night Market where I will be with the lovely Alberta Potters Association tent 🥰 See @inglewoodnightmarketyyc for event details! . . . #headpots #bisque #potteryprocess #glazing #ceramics #pottery #sculpture #faceplanters #pinchpot


glazing day

IT’S GLAZING DAY! IT’S GLAZING DAY! New leaf buttons are next up.


The Sorting

After the buttons, pendants and other pieces have gone through the kiln once, it’s time for glazing. I spend an embarrassingly long time in this stage: THE SORTING. I lay pages with glaze names and I start to sort the 400-500 buttons. They are separated into sets based on their thickness, pattern and, well, my gut. As I group them with their permanent partners, I look at the glaze sheets and try to find where each set fits. Some glazes show off my stamp and texture detail, others mix better with others, some glazes serious, some playful. Some very popular (hello MidRain!) so I weigh the sorting in its favour. A glaze or two might be new so I’m cautious to be sure I’m not assigning too many sets to an untested glaze.  Some pieces I have made with a very specific glaze combination in mind and I check my notebook to separate these correctly. Once they’re all sorted, my notes double checked, my list of custom orders verified, I take a photo of the table and I go to bed. Goodnight little buttons. Glazing begins tomorrow!