i have eyes for you

[igp-video src=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/in-progress-first-draft-for-nose-lips-cheeks-and-ready-to-move-onto-those-eyes.-the-finicky-work-of-.mp4″ poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/in-progress-first-draft-for-nose-lips-cheeks-and-ready-to-move-onto-those-eyes.-the-finicky-work-of-.jpg” size=”medium”] In progress// First draft for nose, lips, cheeks and ready to move onto those eyes. The finicky work of moving and building up clay is bananas (this is 5x speed!!) but oh so rewarding. These eyes are on the sculpting table first thing tomorrow. 👁️👁️ . . #humansculpture #pinchpot #sculpture #potteryprocess #ceramics #potteryvideo #sculpting #facepot #facesculpting


heads in progress

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pillar-in-progress-stack-o-heads.-i-have-no-idea-if-this-will-work-if-they-will-be-stable-at-complet.jpg” size=”medium”] Pillar / in progress, stack o’ heads. I have no idea if this will work, if they will be stable at completion, if they will work functionally or artistically. Yet I can only imagine what fun treasures each will eventually hold and what you will trust each to contain. I’ve been working with a different set of reference models for these three wee pots (they are VERY small) and I am loving the wide smiles and softer cheeks. . . . [image text: a set of three small white clay pinch pots, each stacked on top of each other although you can only see a small bit of the top pot as it is mostly out of frame. They sit on a dark charcoal work surface, littered with sculpting tools and surrounded with clear plastic in the background. Each of the bottom two pinch pots has a serene human face sculpted into it with open eyes, a nose, and lips.] . . #pinchpots #yyc #sculpture #facesculpture #humansculpture #facepot #headpot #pillar #ceramics #pottery #ceramik #ceramicprocess


finished head

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/november-this-head-had-found-its-home-so-im-now-able-to-share-photos.-the-matte-surface-worked-out-q-1.jpg” size=”medium”] November // this head had found its home so I’m now able to share photos. The matte surface worked out quite well on this one and I created a little matching dish for watering overflow. Pothos from @bigskyplantco [Image description: White clay pinch pot with a realistic eyes, nose, mouth sculpted on the front. Pot is perched on a matching white dish. Pot is surrounded by variegated pothos plant vines on a wooden slab.] . . #pinchpot #facepot #headpot #planter #pottery #ceramics #AlbertaArtist #CanadianCeramics #CanadianSculpture #Anatomy #SlowArt #handbuilding