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[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/excited-to-share-the-latest-addition-to-our-etsy-shop-leather-scraps-almost-free-just-pay-shipping-a.jpg” size=”medium”] Excited to share the latest addition to our #etsy shop: Leather scraps – almost free! Just pay shipping and the listing fee. Locals in #yyc Calgary are welcome to use coupon code LOCALPICKUP to skip shipping and grab the box off my front porch in the far SE. . See link in bio to visit our shop . [item description: a full 900g/2lb pile of leather scraps and a hand showing the average size. Leather is grey suede and a variety of browns.] . #leatherscraps #recycleleather #suedescraps #smallsuede #leathercraft #leatherbits https://etsy.me/3ksRWLk


my course: sell on Etsy

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/tomorrow-feb-26-ill-be-outlining-how-to-open-an-etsy-store-what-bits-to-fill-in-how-to-do-listings-a.jpg” size=”medium”] TOMORROW FEB 26 – I’ll be outlining how to open an Etsy store, what bits to fill in, how to do listings and tags, what photos are best for customer trust, setting up shipping, and how to fulfill a sale when it comes. I’ll also help you interpret what the FEES (oh the drama around fees), stats, and reports mean on the Etsy platform. . I’ve been on Etsy for 10 years with over 1360 sales (that’s thousands of items!). Let my battle scars help you out if you’re considering selling online with this easy but robust platform. . Registration $5 for APA members, $35 for non-members, link in bio. I’ll also have a 40 free listing referral code for those in attendance to start their shops. 🧡 . #EtsyCalgary #EtsyAlberta #Etsy #EtsyHowTo #ArtistsOnline. . [Accessibility text: image with the following text How to Sell on Etsy Expert Cara Carter Saturday Feb 26 10am-11am MST Alberta Potters Association Learn – How to set up an account, How to set up your policies, How to use tags and descriptions that help customers BUY, Photos that will help your item SELL, plus other tips and tricks such as how to be seen and drive traffic to your work. February 2022 ONLINE Workshop]


lookit, it’s my face

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/birthday-sale-its-sale-time-15-off-everything-in-shop-link-in-bio-no-coupon-code-needed-i-made-it-ar.jpg” size=”medium”] Birthday Sale! // IT’S SALE TIME!!!! 15% off everything in shop (link in bio) no coupon code needed – I made it around the world successfully during a global pandemic. That’s cause for celebration. Let’s make slippers, plant things, drink things, sew buttons on things! Oh – YYCPICKUP code does give you free shipping on stuff that has shipping if you’ll come to Mckenzie Towne in Calgary to pick it up. 🦄 Sale on now until Feb 28. Now excuse me, I have so much cake to eat. xoxo . . . #yycsale #etsysale #slippersoles #mugsale #headpots #etsy


soft slipper soles

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/cold-toes-from-now-until-end-of-day-thanksgiving-oct-12-slipper-soles-are-on-sale-in-shop-link-in-bi-1.jpg” size=”medium”] Cold toes // From now until end of day Thanksgiving Oct 12, slipper soles are on sale in shop (link in bio). My toes are COLD so yours might be too so let’s get to work warming them up, shall we? This luscious black leather was a chance add to our lineup and it is now one of our most popular. Our supplier always steers me to the softest yet durable for our feetsies. . . . #Etsy #Slippers #SlipperSoles #slipperseason #SlipperBottoms #Sale #yyc #soles #MadeInAlberta


The Shop is open!

My shop’s open again! I’ll be adding more sets of buttons over the next few days. Coupon code CELEBRATE will grant you 10% off of your order. #ceramics #buttons


heart warmers

just one more row Chasing Fire Studio was mentioned on the “Just One More Row” podcast! Dana and Brittany are fibre artists in Tennessee that discuss everything to do with knit, crochet, spinning and everything that fills our lives in between. Just One More Row -Episode 53 (the Big Mention is at 49:43 or so. I was so excited that I noted the time so I could listen to it again and again!) It’s pretty heart warming to hear positive words from these great ladies. —- ETSY I host my online shop in a community called Etsy. It is a collection of handmade, vintage and suppliers online. Not only do I sell, I spend so much time browsing and buying too. I’m a huge fan of the Discovery television show Mythbusters. The stars, Jamie and Adam, are amazing makers and scientists in their own rights. I love to watch science + making + art because all three of these are also passions in my own life. When I found out today that Adam Savage is a regular customer at Etsy? (swoon)  Adam talks about the Etsy community, the artistry, the customer service and the personal touch of hand made items. Being an artisan on Etsy is wonderful and having Adam mention us with such high regard is my second heart warming moment of the day. I can’t wait for the day he wants ceramic buttons. The article to go with the video is here.