covid sucks

Staying home // We’ve made the hard decision to stay home this weekend rather than attend the amazing Creekside Yarn Festival. With immune compromised folk and asthma in our house, covid-19 isn’t something we can risk as we watch community cases skyrocket. We are so sad to miss seeing you, showing you what we’ve been working on, and seeing what YOU’VE been making. We’ll arrange a date for a shop update eta next week once we’re a bit less sad. . . [Image: a very dirty pottery wheel with a dark circle in the middle with white text displaying “Staying Home”] . #CreeksideYarnFestival #covidsucks


Creekside Yarn Festival is coming!

Next weekend!!! Jan 15 coming soon and although we won’t be able to make it any longer, many of our friends will be! Reposted from @creekside_yarnfestival Welcome Jason and Cara from @chasingfirestudio to the @creekside_yarnfestival . They are a husband and wife team that creates pottery and fibre accessories in southeast Calgary. They love texture and bright colours in their ceramics and their work shows it. They will be bringing yarn bowls, mugs, buttons and leather slipper soles for your slipper projects as well as trinket bowls, shawl pins and some select sculptures to bring a smile. They are excited to be vending at our festival for the first time! #creeksideyarnfestival #chasingfirestudio