i have eyes for you

In progress// First draft for nose, lips, cheeks and ready to move onto those eyes. The finicky work of moving and building up clay is bananas (this is 5x speed!!) but oh so rewarding. These eyes are on the sculpting table first thing tomorrow. πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ . . #humansculpture #pinchpot #sculpture #potteryprocess #ceramics #potteryvideo #sculpting #facepot #facesculpting


our new studio tool!

It’s end of year NEW TOOL time – Santa brought us a new slab roller 🏼 Thank you @ceramics_canada_calgary for always being THE BEST in advice, supply, and general awesomeness! We can’t wait to get to making. #DreamsComeTrue #MakeItFLAT . . #yyc #ceramicscanada #pottery #slabroller #northstarequipment #ceramics #albertapottersassociation


a gaggle of heads

Glaze day // Today is finally the day to sit back and add colour to the little pot heads, head pots. The finished friends will be available at the Friday September 16 Inglewood Night Market where I will be with the lovely Alberta Potters Association tent πŸ₯° See @inglewoodnightmarketyyc for event details! . . . #headpots #bisque #potteryprocess #glazing #ceramics #pottery #sculpture #faceplanters #pinchpot


my fave head pots for this release

After // Fresh from the kiln. ️ The skin tones are much richer than I could hope for and I’m so thrilled. The mix between pupil and non-pupil pots is really working for me. I’m now ready to glaze the rest of this batch of sweethearts to ready them for adoption. I will have these at the Inglewood nightmarket in Calgary mid September and in the online shop afterwards. Those red lips on the third friend are so vibrant and I’m here for it but I’m tempted to add some gloss rather than the matte What do you think? . . . #pinchpots #handbuiltpottery #pottery #ceramics #headpots #facepots #faceplanters #littlepots #handbuilding #sculpture #yyc #yycart #AlbertaMade


loading the kiln

Kiln loading day! // Here are the first two layers in the kiln of greenware, sometimes starring my hair because it’s VERY deep and I have to reach far inside with my short arms. Hoping to fire this batch later this week . . #kilnvideo #kiln #ceramics #potteryprocess #pottery #keramik #kilnloading #potteryvideos #ceramicvideos #makerlife #artprocess


a stack o heads

Pillar progress // I finally completed the asymmetrical finishing touches on these faces and I am letting the pillar pots dry. They will join the other waiting heads in the kiln through first bisque firing then a second glaze firing sometime this summer. Working out on the deck with a temporary sculpting studio was a refreshing change of pace although the clay dried quickly, giving my timeline a shortening. The birds singing, sounds of children playing, and the sweet scent of lilacs on the wind? What a lovely day to make pots. . . . #notskunks #pinchpots #facepots #headpots #ceramics #ceramik #clay #pottery #potteryprocess . . [Image description: Three rounded white clay pinch pots stacked upon each other, each with a different neutral peaceful face sculpted upon it. Each of the faces have eyes with pupils, a nose, and lips with fleshed cheeks. They are positioned on the right of the photo on a faded wooded table.]


heads in progress

Pillar / in progress, stack o’ heads. I have no idea if this will work, if they will be stable at completion, if they will work functionally or artistically. Yet I can only imagine what fun treasures each will eventually hold and what you will trust each to contain. I’ve been working with a different set of reference models for these three wee pots (they are VERY small) and I am loving the wide smiles and softer cheeks. . . . [image text: a set of three small white clay pinch pots, each stacked on top of each other although you can only see a small bit of the top pot as it is mostly out of frame. They sit on a dark charcoal work surface, littered with sculpting tools and surrounded with clear plastic in the background. Each of the bottom two pinch pots has a serene human face sculpted into it with open eyes, a nose, and lips.] . . #pinchpots #yyc #sculpture #facesculpture #humansculpture #facepot #headpot #pillar #ceramics #pottery #ceramik #ceramicprocess


eyes are coming

Making // fine, make more of us but can we watch something OTHER than “90 Day Fiance” while you work??? No, no we may not. #TrashTv #PotteryProcess #Sculpture #ceramics #clay #pottery #keramika #pinchpottery #facesculpture #humansculpture #pinchpot


head pots in action

Watch me start the eyes and plump some cheeks – 8x speed πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ White ceramic clay sculpting of my latest face pot friend. My reference photo has beautiful plump cheeks and large eyes. I’m excited to flesh out the kids. #potteryvideos #sculpture #ceramics #pottery #ceramicsprocess #facesculpt #keramik #pinchpot


nice schnoz

Very much in progress // I haven’t been sitting with clay for at least a couple of weeks as we battle the ‘Vid. From throats coated with brambles to heads full of rocks and chests on fire, we’ve been consumed with naptime and Neocitran, our pre-trained immune systems battling this Omicron as it invades. My system is more invested in destroying itself so I’m behind the others in the household in recovery, my cough still too impressive to take into public. Today I haven’t slept for 18 of 24 hours so I sat at the clay bench instead and formed the beginnings of a mighty schnoz and mouth and eyes before finding that I needed a rest. I’ll continue tomorrow or the next day because these eyes still need focus. . . . #pinchpots #faces #facesculpting #sculpture #clay #ceramics #pottery #humansculpture [Image description: White clay, grey in colour, sculpture of a humanoid face with lips, nose and eyes with no pupils taking up a third of the screen, looking towards the right. A scrap of clay lays off to the right on the black table top. ]


prepping steins

Stages // New gamer steins in progress! Far left are handled, medallioned, and drying. Middle are just trimmed, waiting for handles and medallions. Far right are in line for trimming as I wait for the clay to reach perfect balance of consistency. Next when bone dry, they will be into the first kiln firing, then glazed and into their final firing. All the while, hoping these new experiments work out after all the stages come to pass. The process cycles on and on. Do you have a project that keeps you humble? . . . #ceramics #potteryprocess #wheelthrown #pottery #artpractice #d20mug #calgaryexpo


oh those eyes

Breakfast with a friend // Adding final touches to this face pot this morning, created with guidance of @artgolban during his Sculpture Facial Elements class. This was an incredibly rewarding and challenging class through the University of Saskatchewan, and I highly recommend. πŸ‘οΈπŸΌπŸΌ #LifelongLearning #ceramics #handbuilding #pinchpot #facialelements #facialsculpting #facesculpture #pottery #facepots #yyc . . [Image description: Large white clay pinch pot with realistic face sculpted onto the surface. Face is looking slightly up to the right with a neutral expression and sits on a dark brown table, with pottery tools scattered in the background ]



And again // Working back on the wheel after a long three months working through shoulder injuries! Centering clay on the wheel is normally quick but I’m savouring hands on clay before opening for a mug bottom. 🌢️ Some great successes, some really funny fails, and I did work too long because these shoulders were hot and SPICY when I finally called it for the night. But it felt GOOD to be back out. 🌢️ And now back to sorting kiln accessories while these shoulders chill. The New Baby arrives next week and we are selling our tried and true 7 cu foot Duncan Kiln and I want to send lots of goodies with the new owner (details with link in stories until it sells). 🌢️ Are you back to something you love as the Ides of March approach? . . . . [Accessibility text: white woman’s hands on a metal pottery wheelhead filmed from overhead, centering grey clay. At the end of the clip, she uses her fingers and then a sponge to push down into the center and then pull the clay outwards to create the bottom of the future mug.] . . #potteryvideo #centeringvideo #throwingvideo #mugthrowing #ceramics #pottery #wheelthrown #ceramicvideo #potteryprocess #yyckiln #yyc @albertapottersassociation



Learnin’ // I’m taking a sculpture course through the University of Saskatchewan and my first challenge was an ear. In class we have moved on to nose & mouth but I’m refining some details on this ear before allowing it to slowly dry for firing. 🏻 I’m enjoying learning something completely new to me as I’ve always worked on ceramic functional pieces. The new advent of video online learning has brought Adrian Golban’s instruction and direct critique into my kitchen! 🏻 [Image description: A large ear sculpted out of grey clay on a black and plywood surface, surrounded by thin plastic.] . . . #sculpture #ceramics #humansculpture #facesculpture #pottery #UofS #EarSculpt


my course is coming soon

Etsy! // I’m hosting a webinar with the Alberta Potters Association! @albertapottersassociation 🧑 On Feb 26, I’ll spend an hour taking our 10 years and 1300+ sales on Etsy and show you how to set up your own shop. I’ll walk you through creating listings, setting up shipping profiles, and guide you through fulfilling that first sale. How to create confidence with policies, photos, descriptions, and navigate your new shop including fees, coupon codes, and reading stats reporting. Loaded with a decade of tips and tricks, let me introduce you to this easy online marketplace. How much info can I cram into an hour about something that I use daily? 🧑 LINK IN BIO to the APA website to get your ticket. $5 for APA members, $35 for non-members which includes this webinar plus a membership AND access to previous webinars and content. 🧑 #HowToEtsy #EtsySellers #APA #AlbertaHandmade #AlbertaMade #Pottery #ceramics #canadianceramics