Fibre Shindig Fall 2022!

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/thank-you-my-sweet-tween-apprentice-and-i-are-so-grateful-to-@fibreshindig-fibre-shindig.-clair-myrn.jpg” size=”medium”] Thank you! My sweet tween apprentice and I are so grateful to @fibreshindig Fibre Shindig. Clair, Myrna, and the volunteers bring such wonderful people together, and we are so grateful to be included. The new venue is bright and welcoming, and as usual, I spent the day admiring knit, crochet, and woven projects as the fashion of attendees filed in. Oh and also selling pots and slipper soles and buttons . Thank you for everyone that came by the booth and helped our tween work on his booth skills. He is eager and learning. ️ . My own stash is wee but mighty with dreamy yarns from @poppyyarnandfibre @thewoolbaron , a progress keeper from @_ocean_loops , amazing beads by @burntglassstudio (the tween apprentice hasn’t taken his beads off since!!) and beautiful woven ornaments from @ellspins . I also was able to acquire two amazing handknit shawls from Vivienne Rundle that suit me: BRIGHT AND LOUD, and the other subdued in my quieter moments. (I’ve tagged the makers in the photos except Vivienne who I can’t find on instagram) . Did you make it to the show? What amazing things did you find? . . #yyc #fibreshindig #apprentice #fibreshindighaul #communityovercompetition