a little break

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pause-we-should-be-prepping-for-our-show-on-october-23-at-@fibreshindig-but-instead-we-took-the-week-1.jpg” size=”medium”] Pause // we “should” be prepping for our show on October 23 at @fibreshindig but instead we took the weekend to escape to camp – disconnect, reconnect, and soak up the glorious autumn. Sometimes, we have to remember that the days are long, but the years are so very short. . . . [Image description: There is a dirt pathway through a forest of yellow leaved birch and aspen trees, and some conifers dabbled about. On the path is a tanned white older child with long curly brown hair, his back to the viewer, in blue shorts, a bright yellow t-shirt, holding a long stick out to the side. The sun shines warmly on the autumn scene.] . . #Alberta #Autumn #AlbertaHikes #kananaskis #family