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For one week in June 2013, I was curator on the @PeopleOfCanada Twitter account.

Yes, my white picket fence is pretty nifty if only in the surreal fact that it’s mine. I’ll take you for a walk this week. #NotAStepfordWife Jun 02, 2013
I’m LIVE from a “master planned community”, crafted by the architect that designed the town where they filmed the movie “The Truman Show”. Jun 02, 2013
And here I am, ready to be People of Canada Week 41, just one number off from the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Jun 02, 2013
ADMIN: This week, we have Cara (@ChasingFireCara) from Calgary, Alberta! http://t.co/UxY0aHaQQU Jun 02, 2013
ADMIN: Thanks to our lovely last curator, @mitchh11! Jun 02, 2013
Work done! And now I zip to get Kid from dayhome. He’s with a local lady that cares for 5 kids AND she can handle dairy allergy + asthma. Jun 03, 2013
Butter chicken for lunch. At my desk. http://t.co/o9sUE6LWMW Jun 03, 2013
Doc gave me new stretches for before bed, all which require a 2nd person. Hrm. #RigWidow I’m at work finally. I’ll be back in a few hours! Jun 03, 2013
TPI done by this specialist is covered by provincial healthcare. I don’t pay anything extra. Treatments keep me a working member of society. Jun 03, 2013
Every other day, a doc injects my arms with trigger point injections. Carpal tunnel sucks. IT + art takes its toll. http://t.co/DUs5Kwkr0G Jun 03, 2013
. @DelvinAhde This is his first international gig. He’s an “MWD” which is “monitor while drilling” during tricky directional drilling. Jun 03, 2013
Stupid Calgary. ‘Hoods are designed with only ONE way in/out and it looks like ours is blocked at the traffic circle. Shoot me. #SoLate Jun 03, 2013
DH just sent me a text from Moscow for my wakeup “call”. That qualifies as so very romantic in my book. Kid just growled at me though. Jun 03, 2013
I’m lucky my office is close. This maker is today’s hero, coffee is done in 3 min. #SoCanadian http://t.co/3HELVyJzeY Jun 03, 2013
RT: @alowhite1: Lets talk Ojibway. Free online language lessons. Win a free Elders CD. Tuesday 8 pm. http://t.co/TS0FDWKMPl #Spreecast Jun 03, 2013
. @DelvinAhde WHERE’S THE COFFEE? Another of DH’s daily tasks left for me to figure out while I’m half asleep. Jun 03, 2013
This Kid hates morn as much as I do. He just growled at me. We’re screwed when DH is gone but he calls every am to convince us to get up. Jun 03, 2013
It doesn’t help that I was up past 0:00 to check DH got to his first transfer. He just landed in Moscow as I woke. Quite the work commute. Jun 03, 2013
I’m not a morning person. I hit snooze thrice but reality is: it’s time to find pants. #DownWithPants Jun 03, 2013
It’s time to say goodnight. I’m heading into the office in am so it’ll be less studio/shipping talk, more WHY DOES THIS PC/SOFTWARE SUCK? Jun 03, 2013
What is shipping like in your ‘hood? If my parcels are over 2cm thick and 100g, price jumps from $1.41 to $11 as per CanPost website. #Ugh Jun 03, 2013
I did get parcels ready. This is 90% bubble wrap, 10% mugs. Canada Post, you’d better be good to me. #OneOfAKind http://t.co/LBf31RSpfP Jun 03, 2013
Inventory no-go – am I new?? As if an active 3yo near ceramics is a good idea. It’ll take me a few days to get back to single parent mode. Jun 03, 2013
I just noticed on my personal Twitter that it says “allegedly from Calgary, Alberta”. Why so suspicious, Twitter? Jun 03, 2013
It’s just The Kid, Dog, and I. Like many Albertan families, my husband works in Oil & Gas industry. He just left for 3 weeks in Russia. Jun 03, 2013
We’re heading to the studio to get parcels ready to ship, and do inventory. I have to finish art chores before I get an hour on #Neverwinter Jun 03, 2013
.@Labville Most depressing movie? “Easy Rider” end made me yell “are you KIDDING ME?!” and I was depressed I’d wasted my time watching it. Jun 03, 2013
I’m also a ceramic artist on etsy, wife (14yrs), mom to 3 yo boy, geek. We have a smart dog. This place is always a chaotic mess. It’s ok. Jun 03, 2013
A brief intro while Netflix is my babysitter and supper is baking: I’m a software developer & tester for the provincial health system. Jun 03, 2013
.@ExcalDKsan yes! McKenzie Towne, Calgary is rated to be in world’s top 26 master planned communities. I quite like the walkability design. Jun 03, 2013
RT @sweden: Tried to explain to a close friend what being @sweden is. She looked at me, confused. I hereby propose the word twuggler, for n… Jun 04, 2013
Anywho, I didn’t know her history so as we drove in, she told me why she was nervous. I was confused: What the heck is a residential school? Jun 04, 2013
Crap, is it “reserve”? I hate being accidentally disrespectful. #SociallyAwkwardPenguin Jun 04, 2013
One of most moving moments in my life: watching my friend return to her reserve for 1st time since being taken away to residential school. Jun 04, 2013
That @WabKinew in my First Nations info source. I’m white, naive, privileged, yet grew up btwn reserves in my bubble: http://t.co/qbHLah4vw8 Jun 04, 2013
RT @WabKinew: Then why do Chiefs have to disclose? Tory MP ‘dumbfounded’ Ottawa is fighting disclosure of top bureaucrats’ salaries http://… Jun 04, 2013
I tear out my hair and consider a life of alcholism for you, Albertans. #healthcare #IT Jun 04, 2013
5 systems, final testing passed. 3 days of headaches, trying to find proper resources, confusion, yet I’m still SOBER. Do I win something? Jun 04, 2013
5/8 moms on my street are SAHM. Only 1 SAHD. Most are young families. I work a day at home, and I’m amazed at the activity in the ‘hood. Jun 04, 2013
Google calendar and shared apps like @OurGroceries with DH simplifies my life #MomBrain #ShortTermMemory #Squirrel #RigWife Jun 04, 2013
IT just tickles my passions BUT I didn’t get a smart phone until 2yrs ago, and only after coworkers teased me. Now I can’t live without it. Jun 04, 2013
Except buttons. I spend much time to maintain my online retail shop as my third job. I count MOM as 1st job – that boss is most demanding. Jun 04, 2013
I was grateful to get rid of pager when I moved from Support to dev’t & QA. I work hard to only work designated hours per day. #WorkLife Jun 04, 2013
I’ve had salaried jobs for 14 yrs. My current position does not have oncall pager duty, thankfully: I have oncall PTSD. #PagersMakeMeWince Jun 04, 2013
Lots of work hrs/d variations! My first FT IT job was like “12hr DuPont Schedule” with extra 7 on/7 off set of weeks.http://t.co/KuMlp0Ofmd Jun 04, 2013
I go nutso wasting time in the car in the city. Even though (because?) DH works O&G, I’m too aware of energy waste. #GreenHypocrites Jun 04, 2013
Before suburbia, I lived in other areas of Calgary, all driven by walkability scores. It annoys me to drive for simple tasks. #TreeHugger Jun 04, 2013
Do you work Mon-Fri 9-5? #WorldPoll Jun 04, 2013
I try to prevent blowups: Walks, play, healthy food, lots of talking. I need to prioritize sleep. I’ll make buttons Fri! #CreativeOutlet Jun 04, 2013
Mental Health: Wed=Day3 = Kid’s usual TOTAL MELTDOWN day. Adjustment is hard. My Really Bed Day tends to be around D17. Glad you’ll miss it. Jun 04, 2013
Kid is 3 & gets no satisfaction from phone chats w/ Daddy. Cross your fingers for Skype vid access! DH & I like vid, prevents loneliness. Jun 04, 2013
He’ll meet his Russian, Canadian, German coworkers then start on the rig site in morn. 21 day on x 12 hr shifts – I don’t complain M-F 8hrs! Jun 04, 2013
He’s settling into new apt with coworker. The 12 hr time diff isn’t new to us because he often works nights onsite here. Easy calculation! Jun 04, 2013
I’ve had brief texts with DH this am. Comms are limited to his wifi access using a VOIP/TOIP app. Unless we want to pay 0.60/cell text. Jun 04, 2013
I “record” TV and normally watch while creating in studio or while cleaning kitchen. TV schedules and my life don’t jive. #Chaos #RigWife Jun 04, 2013
G’morning! I’m groggy, couldn’t resist temptation to watch Game of Thrones last night. Man, I wish I’d finished reading the last 2 books. Jun 04, 2013
I’ll chat about online retail more tomorrow but for tonight, goodnight! Jun 04, 2013
My storefront is on @Etsy. I’m not the only person that makes ceramic buttons, I promise! It just sounds wackadoo. #OneOfAKind #BuyHandmade Jun 04, 2013
So tired, but what if a knitter needs red buttons tonight? That’s what started me on this slippery slope. #MakeIt http://t.co/sa8NUY8hh0 Jun 04, 2013
Most of my customers are knitters & crocheters. I love knitters. Knitters are fabulous. Crocheters = great people. #iKnitSoIdontKillPeople Jun 04, 2013
Artist’s day is never done: finished more photos of buttons for my shop. Getting colour/size details perfect is important to customers. Jun 04, 2013
I suppose I should be tagging with #RigWife since #RigWidow is a very real thing. DH’s bag was 28kg for Russia, mostly safety equip. #Danger Jun 04, 2013
I’m happy in Calgary now that we’ve moved to McTowne. Walk to errands, chat with neighbours, kids playing in the streets. JOY #SmallTownGirl Jun 04, 2013
Suburbia drawback: isolation. I haven’t been downtown in months and only because it was a very special Divorce Party. #RigWidowsToDivorcees Jun 04, 2013
Someday we’ll get lightrail transit like other city quadrants. 22nd century? SE, EVERYONE HATES YOU! STAY HOME! http://t.co/dtkxCut395 Jun 04, 2013
Pic of second-before-splash at the Park n Ride transit lot. We’re the last Bus Rapid Transit stop = 1hr to downtown. http://t.co/bfr4xssg6J Jun 04, 2013
I’m a 21st century digital girl. Or 22nd. Whatev. Just a sec – sending shipping notices, documenting costs from bench outside. #iLife Jun 04, 2013
Ah! All the parcels from last night are off to corners of North America. Canada Post and I are best frenemies. http://t.co/ZI5RMchLst Jun 04, 2013
Although a failing of Calgary is sprawl so, when in Rome? #UrbanDesignFail Jun 04, 2013
We are close to shops. A failing in community is sprawl – solution could be a few small shops in further areas too. http://t.co/czeClzA9yh Jun 04, 2013
And two blocks later, our commercial area. It’s about 6 blocks square, centred on a Main Street concept. http://t.co/S1dDTjF9cE Jun 04, 2013
There’s only a few med-high density housing complexes in the ‘hood. Majority of homes are single family houses. http://t.co/3KfRuCMKQl Jun 04, 2013
The rain has stopped so let’s take advantage, shall we? Off to the post office! We’ll walk, of course. #Suburbia #MasterPlanned Jun 04, 2013
I’m procrastinating like a PRO. As if that will make Day1 of #RigWidow any easier. Ok, someone needs to find Kid’s pants & where’s the dog?! Jun 04, 2013
My, baby’s, and my partner’s phys / mental health all benefited from mat leave. Creating healthy family early is less $ later. Investment. Jun 04, 2013
THE WEEKLY PLAN. (Note the sign on our plan board, @murphyslawyer22 ) http://t.co/HMSU1NIVM4 Jun 04, 2013
I’ve finished the meal plan while Kid finishes sup. I’m not naturally organized but I have to when DH is away or we fall apart. #EdgeOfChaos Jun 04, 2013
I’m a lenient parent. I pick battles carefully because I don’t have time or energy to engage over every little thing. #RigWidow #kindalazy Jun 04, 2013
Supper. Dog has the kid trained to share under the table, I had to use my mom voice. It’s weird to hear my dad’s words spoken from my mouth. Jun 04, 2013
. @greenleanings I always encourage others to immigrate to Canada just for the social services. It’s costly but we don’t have to hesitate. Jun 04, 2013
Grant Lawrence is traveling across Canada in a car: RT @GrantLawrence The #CBCBeetle has landed in Ontario! http://t.co/Wtx6axrbeq Jun 04, 2013
Alright, since the dog ate what I planned for supper (MEATLOAF FAIL), we’re going into the ‘hood to find food. #sushi #italianpizza #sub Jun 05, 2013
(unable to resist urge to turn this into a crazy doglady feed) #ButShesSoPhotogenic #FASTFASTFASTDog http://t.co/8KVAj0oG2h Jun 05, 2013
Here’s her Louisiana shelter baby picture that we received with her folder when she joined the family. http://t.co/cLOepDOPfQ Jun 05, 2013
So no fear Twitterverse. I’m not going to eat Dog tonight. She’s an amazing companion, hilarious goofball. And she’s a survivor. #DogLover Jun 05, 2013
Dog was a puppy and has never had another family but watching the documentary “Mine” broke my heart. http://t.co/MgAfTxYJfh #RescueNOLA Jun 05, 2013
Ppl thought they’d be back or told they couldn’t bring pets during Katrina. For those dogs that lived, overpopulation quickly became a prob. Jun 05, 2013
So our girl is part Louisiana, part Alberta. She runs like whippet, french kisses like pitbull, sleeps like baby deer, plays like kitten. Jun 05, 2013
Too many so unclaimed dogs were either killed or shipped out. My Dog was found w/ 3 sibs & mama. Mom & 2 sibs had bad heartworm, euthanized. Jun 05, 2013
The rescue shipped puppies up from overcrowded high kill shelters just north of NOLA as dog pop’n skyrocketed after the storm. #SpayNeuter Jun 05, 2013
She had severe separation anxiety, her socialization sucked. I suppose if you survive aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, you’d have issues too. Jun 05, 2013
…we fell in love quickly. The rescue brought her over and it was like Dog’d always been ours. She had “interesting issues”. #PTSD Jun 05, 2013
Ah, that mutt. Way back when (6?7?yrs), she was with a local rescue & her photo caught our eye. We wanted an older, larger dog but… Jun 05, 2013
Why did tech install VOIP box in a dark cramped corner under the stairs so I can’t reach it to pin reset it easily?!? #TechSupport #SelfHelp Jun 05, 2013
This is what Dog looks like when she’s not binged/purged on 2kg of raw ground beef. She’s a handsome girl. #mutt http://t.co/Y9xLp7B39L Jun 05, 2013
Found more horrors. Is Dog binge eating to deal with DH’s absence? #AbandonmentIssues #ImNotABadDogIJustDoBadThings http://t.co/bmJ94uHzA9 Jun 05, 2013
Ok, I need some dedicated time to buckle down and break software for fun and profit. Enjoy your afternoon! #QA #FailAllTheThings Jun 05, 2013
DH also shared this, a song that’s been stuck in his head ever since it played in his taxi in Moscow: http://t.co/qaCSQdsFVf #earworm Jun 05, 2013
DH sent me this pic last night – Russia at midnight. Same latitude as Fort McMurray, AB. http://t.co/WPbhdz7og2 Jun 05, 2013
AND doc hears “his dad’s away at work” and seems suspicious. So, having Action Plan in hand & graphs simplifies analysis to purely clinical. Jun 05, 2013
Doc wouldn’t take us serious about Kid until we started detail logs. I think docs default believe that parents can’t be levelheaded. Jun 05, 2013
I have a huge interest in tech empowering healthcare. I adore the people at @AsthmaMD for giving us a tool to advocate for our son. #Health Jun 05, 2013
We follow our Asthma Action Plan closely, monitor with the @AsthmaMD iPad app. It lets us email Kid’s symptoms vs med graphs for doc. #tech Jun 05, 2013
Calgary is great if you are a parent to asthma-kid. Diagnosed quickly, asthma educator appts, Asthma Action Plan, easy process to go to ED. Jun 05, 2013
I swear this is because I was bragging about how this darned dog never takes anything off the counter. NICE BURN, MURPHY. #BadDog Jun 05, 2013
HORRORS SOMEONE COME DEAL WITH THIS. Dog is throwing up + 2kg ground beef is missing. I blame Murphy’s Law/DH being away. WTELF, DOG??? Jun 05, 2013
Wed is #DownWithPants work from home day. I log in before kid wakes up, take him to care, then plug away in the quiet. #Solace Jun 05, 2013
Coffee acquired! TPI done! Kid watched wide-eyed. His oxygen levels are good and Im to monitor his wheezing. Good news. Phew. #Asthma Jun 05, 2013
#Waiting http://t.co/cTfW04bPo8 Jun 05, 2013
I’m out of coffee. HOW COULD I LET THIS HAPPEN. #PoorPlanning Jun 05, 2013
Is coffee normal in your community and country? #coffee #tea #orme Jun 05, 2013
I woke to a Kid in my bed. He sounds like he’s been chain smoking. My TPI office has walk-in doc so off to check if chest is clear. #Asthma Jun 05, 2013
Bedtime was a battle and now I’m finally ready to relax with #NeverWinter. G’night! Jun 05, 2013
We’re crammed in tight. Respecting privacy is tricky. I can see across 3 yards to south of ours AND my window points into kitchen next door! Jun 05, 2013
Compost bin success: (carbon & nitrogen things) + microbes + sponge dampness + heat. Turn monthly, aerate weekly. http://t.co/7A1iFVUyC7 Jun 05, 2013
Very small yard, full of potential for gardening. PANORAMA TO MAKE IT LOOK BIGGER! (pano made my kid into twins) http://t.co/BSpnzZWsAU Jun 05, 2013
Wait! I know! Does the Twitter hivemind know how to manually sharpen a push mower’s blades? #BetterThanGoogle Jun 05, 2013
Quick supper night! Scrambled eggs, toast, sliced avocado, cantaloupe bits. Then back out to finish yard work and check garden. #CityGarden Jun 05, 2013
Kid’s fave food is tonight: SOUP. For May long camping, I brought treat food (burgers, dogs). He was sad I hadn’t packed soup. #easy2please Jun 06, 2013
Time to pick up the Kid. Let’s hope his day was better than mine. I used my mom voice 3x and “imma cut someone” voice 2x. At work. #Results Jun 06, 2013
And food trucks are in the Calgary news today! http://t.co/3FWSjagBbx — We have 43 food trucks?!?! Really? @streetfoodyyc Jun 06, 2013
Heading for a lunch walk to try to adjust my really pissy attitude. Change the things I can, right? http://t.co/9UYzmCDyzz Jun 06, 2013
GUYS! FOOD TRUCKS ARE HERE! @StreetFoodYYC #MoodChanger http://t.co/6nIOOCy5PY Jun 06, 2013
I’ve had to edit out more profanity from tweets, emails, than this time last week. I have a trucker-mouth. #RigWife #CrackingUnderPressure Jun 06, 2013
Can you, for one moment, not point fingers and just take responsibility? JEEBUS HELP ME #ProjectBS #QA #TechRedTape #BetterToStepUpThanBlame Jun 06, 2013
My status meeting has left me feeling overwhelmed http://t.co/VXM5piqM6m plus will my dog barf all over my house while I’m at the office? Jun 06, 2013
Correction: TWO people will be in my bed. The Kid crawls into my bed in the middle of the night lately. #MissingDaddy or #BugNightmares ? Jun 06, 2013
AND by the time I do figure out how to get sleep, DH will be back= I won’t be able to sleep because someone is in my bed. #RigWife #ARGH Jun 06, 2013
If I don’t start sleeping more and better, this precariously stacked pyramid is gonna fall apart. #RigWife #CrankyDoesntBeginToCoverIt Jun 06, 2013
Sheepdogs! http://t.co/D9YyV1vOXk #CRTCfriendly Jun 06, 2013
Stupid laundry. Ok, now I really am starting to miss DH. #WrongReasons Jun 06, 2013
Here’s a pic of me, Day 3. Personal hygiene ok, makeup forgotten, joyful exterior, not overwhelmed. #ExceptLaundry http://t.co/QnJAKuFezo Jun 06, 2013
Aiming to hit bedtime on time, tomorrow. #NewDay #TryTryAgain Jun 06, 2013
Oh crap. Does anyone remember when I last bathed this kid?!? #NotThatOrganized #DirtIsTheNewSunscreen Jun 06, 2013
I’m excited for community events, always fun here. Wish we had the Father part to this one. Bittersweet. #RigWife http://t.co/EnXpUondyM Jun 06, 2013
RT @pourmecoffee: Canada, we gave you POTUS getting blown in Oval Office and you can’t sustain a crack-smoking mayor story. I don’t even th… Jun 06, 2013
I totally just judged another mom. Because I am perfect. #MomFAIL Jun 06, 2013
DH does laundry. When he got field job, he had to teach me. I really suck but after 7 yrs, he says I finally fold a perfect towel. #RigWife Jun 06, 2013
10 sec before a ladybug threatened him and came running, screaming back to me. #ThatsHisStory #McKenziePond http://t.co/xLwGlz4EfO Jun 06, 2013
Deep in thought, dragging his feet in the sand. #childhoodmemories http://t.co/N9jgoxbtnJ Jun 06, 2013
I’m not very home handy, unlike @heffalump23 – it’s inspiring to see what she does with a little time and a lot of coffee. #DomesticGoddess Jun 06, 2013
Post supper walk into one of many green spaces / parks so that I can avoid laundry. #Procrastinator http://t.co/Hw7o7e81Iu Jun 06, 2013
Dog tangled with a skunk in our alley last fall and lost. That smell! She had to live in the garage for 3 days, saddest thing. #StankyBitch Jun 06, 2013
The intermittent whiff of mothballs isn’t a surprise. City won’t intervene at all with the growing skunk pop’n. #FolkRemedy #PlagueOfSkunks Jun 06, 2013
On our way to food and the scent of lilacs is heavenly. http://t.co/3Y5eHoFrmV Jun 06, 2013
And stop for mail. We don’t have door to door delivery but the boxes are filled Mon-Fri. # JunkMail http://t.co/WEeVHoenlb Jun 06, 2013
Is it bad that I’m disappointd I didn’t see the naked guy on my way home? Dayhome says he was strolling, not a care in the world. #NoChafing Jun 07, 2013
That explains the police van at the park as I drove by. Guy is known to police, mixed details on why. I guess he’s on Team #DownWithPants . Jun 07, 2013
A man wore only backpack & a smile to the park this pm. Dayhome quickly packed kids up but 2 kids got a good look. Must’ve been cold out. Jun 07, 2013
High hopes tonight: sit down, relax, and enjoy a cold beer before lunging into next phase of the week – creative. #Clay #Buttons #Handmade Jun 07, 2013
DH called, out Fri night dinner and drinks with coworkers. He’s adjusting well. Me too after a good night’s sleep. #RigWife Jun 07, 2013
Grocery store sushi. A projected 3000 ppl will move into our office park in 2014. I hope a “real” sushi place follows. #ForgotMyLunch Jun 07, 2013
My coworker has a booby calendar. #Hilarious #BOOBIES http://t.co/7phlTprnJG Jun 07, 2013
I have a science bkgrnd (that’s where I met @Labville !) but fell into IT with a PT job during university. Turns out I really love tech too. Jun 07, 2013
Technical ppl (me) must learn to speak clinical & clinical speak tech for projects to work. I also learn cool gross things. #Science #Med Jun 07, 2013
I’m in IT, but healthcare is complex. We have clinical staff on IT teams to guide us. We can’t empower clinicians unless we know them. Jun 07, 2013
Today’s agenda: mail DH’s forgotten paperwork to Russia, code review, Sharepoint design, web services seminar, learn ED intake workflow. Jun 07, 2013
My biography’s title would be “Night Owl In A Morning Person’s World”. Yours? #UnauthorizedAndRacy Jun 07, 2013
Woke to Raygun Cowboys. I can’t find a good sample of their song so here’s a similar band to WAKE YOU UP http://t.co/qP6Lukw7lH Jun 07, 2013
RT @MargoJMilne: How very true. RT @DynamicFacts: http://t.co/svnbRwZy52 Jun 07, 2013
RT @renee_tobias: Good night all. Pleasant dreams & don’t worry about todays mistakes, learn from them & try to do better tomorrow. #Less… Jun 07, 2013
Switched ANOTHER laundry load. New rule: wear it until it stands up on its own & walks away. #LaundryDay #SeeYouThere #Underthings #Tumbling Jun 07, 2013
Pretty maids, all in a row. #Recycle http://t.co/B8FTvUbhyz Jun 07, 2013
GARBAGE DAY! #GoldStar #MemoryWin Jun 07, 2013
RT @ourgroceries: @PeopleOfCanada And OurGroceries was half-developed in Canada! (Waterloo) The other half was in San Francisco. Jun 07, 2013
Uhm… Where are my ornamental poppies? #Missing #SomeWormwoodToo Jun 07, 2013
We’re trying for drought resistant plants as well with lots of ground cover. It’s dry here. Sedum has been a winner. http://t.co/jnrMBRRWgU Jun 07, 2013
GREEN BEANS ARE COMING! They’ll grow up on 3 trellises – vine beans are a great solution for small yard. #SmallSpace http://t.co/pGKj0G6fvB Jun 07, 2013
The back was gravel in ’08. Each year we add: 2012 = iris, strawberries, hen & chicks, more lilies. ’13 = rudbeckia, coneflower, raspberry. Jun 07, 2013
I did a quick check on garden. Aiming for 70% perennial, 20% food, 10% annuals. This beauty has pink friends. http://t.co/jyhIA67l1K Jun 07, 2013
1hr chat with DH. So good to catch up. He’s on 4th attempt to buy 1% milk, I’m ending sad day. Laughter cured us both. #RigWife #LaughItOff Jun 07, 2013
Kid is “reading to see if there’s milk in this”. (note: he can’t read yet. He starts preschool in Sept) http://t.co/MBfjPqNy2y Jun 07, 2013
RT @jianghomeshi: Me: Why is cooking a political act? Michael Pollan: ‘Because when u buy processed food, u have no say over where that com… Jun 07, 2013
Why do kid’s earlobes always crack? Is this the beginning sign of the zombie plague? #Fungicide #Cortisone #OliveOil #StillCrackALacking Jun 08, 2013
A shark will eat you? No I’m on a boat – Kid talking aloud in the tub, writing a screenplay that’s already been done. #JAWS Jun 08, 2013
4×4 (3×3?) #DaddysRigIsBigger http://t.co/rVH3huSRUg Jun 08, 2013
Extreme thunderstorm warning has ended but clouds and sudden wind say a bit ‘o thunderstorm is coming. #NotExtreme http://t.co/LyZC5oSzDM Jun 08, 2013

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