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Faces // I worked on more small pinch pot faces during our brief hot weather spike this past weekend. Now as the weather chills as May long approaches, I’m cleaning up these cheeks and pondering the sizes of the pots. This larger one is significantly larger than the two in the last set, which I like for larger plants. I adore the unruly hair that plants add to give these pots their real finishing touches.#canadianceramics #sculpture #pinchpots #pottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


Handle it

Handle it // getting handles on, waiting for mugs to dry, the cycle continues. ..#plainsmanclay #wheelthrown #albertapotters #ceramics #clay #ceramicmugs #potterylife #ceramicartist #ceramicsstudio #potteryprocess #CanadianCeramicsStudio #canadianceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite


Going Batty

Testing // Jason made a new bat system for me because our beloved supplier Ceramics Canada is out of stock. We had a box of bisque tiles laying about, so we're making due with those as the bats. So far, it's working great although it will take more practice for me to pull the clay up from the tile that is so close to the bat that holds it. And to remember to keep the bisque wet enough so my mug doesn't SURPRISE! pop off while I'm throwing. I'll call the first run using these small bats a success and I'm looking forward to trying more this weekend. …#batsystem #throwingbats #bisquetiles #canadianceramicsstudio #albertapotters #testing #neverstoplearning.[image description: A line of five freshly throwing pottery mugs made of white clay, each on a square bisque tile.] Posted by Intagrate Lite


all the tiny pumpkins

Stress // To combat stress, I've found a couple of techniques that are serving me very well. The first, I have been painting pumpkins (see my igTV video from Sept 20 for instructions so you can too!) They are getting teenier. It is the calmest way that I've ever combated inner angst.I've also, for those looking for a more aggressive outlet, taken to always answering the phone when it rings. When a scammy phone call comes in such as CRA warning they are arresting me, I press 1 to be connected to the human scammer, close my eyes, take a deep cleansing majestic breath, and push all my horrifying anger into the telephone in the longest loudest from-my-toes scream that I can muster, then hang up before they can respond. I feel better using both of these techniques. If you live with others, warn them before you try #2 or they do come running. ..[Image description: a white hand holding thick watercolour paper square. On the square is a painting of a single orange pumpkin with green stem. A sunflower can be seen in the background behind the hand]..#combatfraud #covidstress #backtoschool #SaveAISH #watercolourpainting #pumpkin Posted by Intagrate Lite


do any art

Do any art // My many parts have come down with some sort of illness, or I've eaten something off, or aliens have implanted something fun, and then my head, never one to be left out, has begun to ache so I'm not able to turn to electronic amusements this evening to distract myself. In my woeful wailing, and caterwauling tantrum of wanting to do things, I'm working on wee cards for an exchange. I just want to send Encouraging Pumpkins to everyone in the world. I'm writing on each card some of what I'd like to hear, especially today.Have you ever done a card or gift exchange with strangers? Do you have any encouraging phrases that my pumpkins can impart to their recipients? I'd love some assistance to make these pumpkins a welcome gift.Not seen in the photo is the amazing glittery fabulousness of @ffrench watercolour pans I'm using in combination with the set that my mother gave me, which is seen in photo. #watercolor #ink #postcard #cardexchange #spoopy #pumpkin #lsg..[Image description: watercolour set next to a small painting on paper of an orange pumpkin with text "spoopy pumpkin is proud of you. Also happy Halloween." There is another painting on paper of an orange pumpkin tucked behind.] Posted by Intagrate Lite


Bees on igTV

Bees on igTV // I made a couple of bee mugs on the Sunday Live this morning if you want to pop over to our igTV and take a peek. Maybe I should be finishing painting the inside AND outside of our house but also, these bee mugs need to become a reality. 🖤🖤Our Sunday lives are not as regular during the summer because we'd rather be out camping WITH the bees but we are still on when we get the chance. What are you doing on your Sunday?#handbuilding #ceramics #beemug #plainsmanclay #potteryvideos #handbuildingvideos #clay #handbuiltpottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


happy anniversary to us

Anniversary Present For You // We were married 21 years ago this month. I find this jarring and surreal since we're only emotionally 21 years old (which is a stretch). We're having a 15% off sale to "celebrate" July 1-24, hurry while supplies last. Link to shop in profile. #yychandmade #yycartists #handmadebuttons #pottery #canadianceramics #anniversary #slippersoles #slippers #sweatermugs Posted by Intagrate Lite



All of my sketchbooks have in-progress drawings of fish right now. Real ones, imaginary ones, cartoony ones, realistic ones. Live for a month with near daily swimming among fish (and often multiple times per day), and it makes my brain want nothing but to be back among creatures of the sea and that watery peace. A sergeant general fish hasn't come up to my face to say hello for over a week and I'm quite forlorn about the whole thing. I suspect that my pots might be covered in fish after our annual "Clean This Terribly Messy Studio" event this week as we prepare to hurl ourselves into 2020, inspired and ready to get some fun new things on our shop shelves. #puertomorelos #watercolorpencil #ink #inprogress #fish #watercolourpencil #fishdrawing #art #artpractice Posted by Intagrate Lite


new yarnbowls

Unloading the kiln and so very happy with the variety of bowls in this firing for #prairiefibrefestival this weekend! Each bowl is a one of a kind sculpture, whether starting as thrown or handbuilt structure. I’m excited to share my favourites as they cool. #yarnbowls #potteryforknitters #ceramics #ceramiccarving Posted by Intagrate Lite


yarn bowl with sedum

Yarn bowl with sedum. The bowl will be coming with me to @PrairieFibreFestival and the sedum will keep doing what it does best: being pretty. #yarnbowl #prairiefibrefestival #canadianceramics #albertamade #albertaceramics #ceramics #potteryforknitters #sedum Posted by Intagrate Lite


bunny and duckie in progress

Waiting for you to work some stitches… #WorkInProgress #YarnBowl #edmontonfibrefrolic #knittersofinstagram #duckandrabbit #newwork Posted by Intagrate Lite


my new plant pot.

I needed a pot. Lucky thing, that. #PotterGonnaPot #SomethingForMe #makersgonnamake #makerlife #ceramics #albertacraftyyc #AlbertaPotters #wheelthrown #propogationsuccess Posted by Intagrate Lite


patterns on bowls

Working on a bowl this eve. I love this five petal design yet each is still unique because I freehand carve these babies. Dustmask on, tools sharp! #Yarnbowl #ceramicsyyc #ceramics #wheelthrown #potteryforknitters #pottery #carvedclay #MyHappyPlace #edmontonfibrefrolic Posted by Intagrate Lite


when it’s just meant to be

Destiny, right? Repost from @theinkyknitter – See Cara @chasingfirestudio ??? I told you it was for me hahaha. It matches my ink… it was meant to be! #pottery #yarnbowl #chasingfireceramics #yarnbowlmatchesmyink


Not clay – Weaving!

Fringe twisted, wet finished, and in the hands of the father-in-law, who has worn it all afternoon. SUCCESS – WIP dominated!  Jay is modeling, and Jarrad, the maker of penannular shawl pins, is bombin’.