All of my sketchbooks have in-progress drawings of fish right now. Real ones, imaginary ones, cartoony ones, realistic ones. Live for a month with near daily swimming among fish (and often multiple times per day), and it makes my brain want nothing but to be back among creatures of the sea and that watery peace. A sergeant general fish hasn't come up to my face to say hello for over a week and I'm quite forlorn about the whole thing. I suspect that my pots might be covered in fish after our annual "Clean This Terribly Messy Studio" event this week as we prepare to hurl ourselves into 2020, inspired and ready to get some fun new things on our shop shelves. #puertomorelos #watercolorpencil #ink #inprogress #fish #watercolourpencil #fishdrawing #art #artpractice Posted by Intagrate Lite


new yarnbowls

Unloading the kiln and so very happy with the variety of bowls in this firing for #prairiefibrefestival this weekend! Each bowl is a one of a kind sculpture, whether starting as thrown or handbuilt structure. I’m excited to share my favourites as they cool. #yarnbowls #potteryforknitters #ceramics #ceramiccarving Posted by Intagrate Lite


yarn bowl with sedum

Yarn bowl with sedum. The bowl will be coming with me to @PrairieFibreFestival and the sedum will keep doing what it does best: being pretty. #yarnbowl #prairiefibrefestival #canadianceramics #albertamade #albertaceramics #ceramics #potteryforknitters #sedum Posted by Intagrate Lite


bunny and duckie in progress

Waiting for you to work some stitches… #WorkInProgress #YarnBowl #edmontonfibrefrolic #knittersofinstagram #duckandrabbit #newwork Posted by Intagrate Lite


my new plant pot.

I needed a pot. Lucky thing, that. #PotterGonnaPot #SomethingForMe #makersgonnamake #makerlife #ceramics #albertacraftyyc #AlbertaPotters #wheelthrown #propogationsuccess Posted by Intagrate Lite


patterns on bowls

Working on a bowl this eve. I love this five petal design yet each is still unique because I freehand carve these babies. Dustmask on, tools sharp! #Yarnbowl #ceramicsyyc #ceramics #wheelthrown #potteryforknitters #pottery #carvedclay #MyHappyPlace #edmontonfibrefrolic Posted by Intagrate Lite


when it’s just meant to be

Destiny, right? Repost from @theinkyknitter – See Cara @chasingfirestudio ??? I told you it was for me hahaha. It matches my ink… it was meant to be! #pottery #yarnbowl #chasingfireceramics #yarnbowlmatchesmyink


Not clay – Weaving!

Fringe twisted, wet finished, and in the hands of the father-in-law, who has worn it all afternoon. SUCCESS – WIP dominated!  Jay is modeling, and Jarrad, the maker of penannular shawl pins, is bombin’.


wee sweaters

Want to give your brother a handmade sweater but don’t want to actually knit him one? Need an ornament gift tag to go with the handknit gift you will finish by December 25? We have these sweet little sweaters ready for you! Available this coming weekend at Calgary Fibre Arts Fair Nov 4-5 at the Big Four Building at Stampede park at the Chasing Fire Studio booth. See you there!


dragon guards your yarn

Our early morning kiln unload revealed this yarn bowl, and Jay says I shouldn’t keep it… but DRAGON!


fiddle ornaments

I’m making fiddle ornaments for a very special place. How many more sleeps until it’s time to go to camp? Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party is home away from home!


in progress

Jason has a herd of sheep almost ready for firing! I’ll add some handles tonight, and after another batch, they’ll be into the kiln for the first of two firings. We’ll glaze them up, and back into the kiln they’ll go for their final firing. We have orders coming through Etsy and emails, so we are working to get them out on time. The kiln will be busy for the next two weeks! We expect to repeat the process in June, so if you’ve been waiting to order, don’t wait too long or you’ll have to wait for longer. He’s also working on some “Naughty Mugs” with words that seem to make some blush and some laugh, and most want one. They make me giggle and I’m looking forward to his planned variations – basically signaling to everyone around that they should leave you alone because you have fun things to do instead. We’ll sell them through the Facebook page and on this website once we have the e-commerce module set up because I’m just not sure that Etsy will appreciate the… ahem… language on these beauties. Details on how to purchase the Naughty Mugs aka the sweary mugs will be available once they’re out of the kiln.  


Fibre Shindig Tomorrow!

Jason is busy packing up a herd of sheep and hand carved yarn bowls to accompany all of the buttons, bookmarks, and diz for tomorrow’s sale. We’ll be at the Fibre Shindig Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre from 10am-5pm with so many wonderful vendors! We will be joined by vendors selling their handdyed yarns, spindles, roving, and all the accessories and fabulousness that you could ever want or need.


beta test mugs – success!

Fresh from the kiln: I want to keep these mugs! I love exploring new techniques, especially when they yield such lovely results.


glazing day

IT’S GLAZING DAY! IT’S GLAZING DAY! New leaf buttons are next up.