Alberta’s Own in Canmore <3

Jason's Timber Series of wood grain ceramic pieces is now available in the delicious Alberta's Own market in Canmore. This lovely shop features Alberta Makers and Alberta products, and we are so proud to be included! @AlbertasOwnMarket is the perfect place for unique finds, local, handmade, and exquisite gifts for yourself and others..#ceramics #handmade #buyhandmade #albertasown #albertamade #canmore #pottery #Alberta #ceramics #plainsman #buylocal #makerlife #albertapotters #yycpotter #yycpottery #timberseries Posted by Intagrate Lite


beta test mugs – success!

Fresh from the kiln: I want to keep these mugs! I love exploring new techniques, especially when they yield such lovely results.


The Handler

Attaching handles to these bad boys today. I’m just The Handler. These babies are all Jay’s otherwise: Flaming skulls that are smoking cigars, of course.


Jason’s new tumblers

whiskey tumblers

The kiln is firing up Jason’s two newest styles in his whiskey tumbler series. His pointed knots series disappeared in a day, and now his take on a celtic knot, and a firebird for this kiln run are sure to be popular as well. He’s cooked up some really interesting glaze combinations for these once they come out of their bisque firing. Sneak peeks? Of course! I caught a couple of quick photos before we loaded the kiln. I’m so excited to see them once they are glazed. They are so perfectly balanced and I can’t wait to see them finished!


The Original Pointed Knot whiskey tumblers

celtic knot pottery

The original pointed knot whiskey tumblers. The curved back is shaped to be balanced in your hand, and the smooth ceramic keeps your whiskey on ice perfectly chilled. These are also lovely for non-alcoholic drinks, of course. They make every drink a stylish drink. We have only two of these ceramic whiskey tumblers left, and I’ll be bringing them on October 17 to the Fibre Shindig at the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Hall in Calgary. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. I’m trying to convince Jason to make more of these because I adore them so much. Should he make more? Let him know in the comments!