making season

With the chilling wind coming straight down our road, snow deep and my urge to hibernate growing stronger, it’s that Making time of year. The summer activity has died out, the filled event calendar no longer exists and I am able to settle down and get into the studio more often. Today, buttons and stars! These need a light sanding and are ready for the kiln: I’m also trying out the new Amaco semi-moist underglazes on porcelain. These will be worry stones and I’m very excited to see what colour they are after firing: And with that, I’m off to make a few custom orders and snuggle on the couch with my little family. Happy Saturday!


today’s clay adventures

In today’s clay adventures, I plan to include: – sheep sculpting – spindle doohickey making – ladybug pendants (actually bugs bugs bugs on everything) – an attempt at nested bowls Or, with the severe thunderstorm that just settled in, I may be abandoning the clay table to convince the dog and toddler that thunder is COOL and not scary. They currently disagree with me. It may be time to reserve a day to work in clay from morning until night because I have not created much since the last big kiln fire. Why is the summer a less productive time? Is this the same for all ceramic artists? The weather is lovely but the activities (camping, weddings, festivals) take over all our family’s spare time, days flying by with no scultpures, bowls, buttons, mugs or pendants to show for it. I will take a stand – this summer will be different! I have big plans for mug sets and nesting bowls and in order to get them done, I’m going to need to actually book dedicated clay days in my calendar so that my time can remain loyal to my passion. I’m off to calm the weeping masses that are calling my name (or whining – poor dog is upset that the young boy is upset) and hopefully, get muddy. -C


pebbles or buttons?

I had a request earlier in the week to try a new button design. I made a batch last night using white clay and then two batches mixing white with brown for a variation of colouring. They will end up being about 10mm. Tiny! My imitation pebbles have some real promise: I’m also in the process of creating very small buttons for mittens and children’s items. These should reduce to 12mm after bisque and glaze firings: The glaze settles into the texture and makes these buttons so appealing. They are time consuming but delightful. Are there buttons you need for a special project? Contact me through my Etsy Shop to inspire me to create!


a peaceful morning of button sculpting

I wish that every morning was this much fun! I was able to snap a couple of quick shots before moving onto the next stage of molding these little sweeties:  


Neighbourhood Clay Sunday!

Our first Clay Day was a success! 8 kids and 4 adults unleashed their creativity, making coil pots then moving to votive holders, plates and rattles. With bisquing scheduled for July then another Clay Day for glazing shortly after, it’s almost too much to have to wait nearly a month to see these beauties finished. I’m really really hoping they like Midnight Rain glaze.