Work work work it // he's working hard to prep for @fibreshindig on April 18! Got some fun stuff cooking. I'm laying on the couch, drinking tea like a sick layabout (this THROAT and HEAD thing urgh) but the studio is still pumping. I'm sketching between cups of tea, because that's what I do when germs got me down. Are you coming to the Calgary Spring Fibre Shindig to party it up among yarn lovers? I can't wait to see everyone after this long winter slumber. #ceramics #handbuiltceramics #fibreshindig #yycevents #yarnfestival Posted by Intagrate Lite


scale experiments

Here be Dragons… or at least some dragonscale. I was watching @epicfailstudios drink out of her scale mug and now I want to make more but different shape. So today I'm playing a bit, ripping up paper templates and trying some different techniques. This scale is upside down because after I made the form, it turned out that I liked it upside down better. Sometimes upside down is how ya gotta flip things so they make sense, right?#studio #pottery #experiment #yycartists #ceramics #plainsmanclay Posted by Intagrate Lite



Trimming tiny notion / sauce / mise en place bowls for Fibre Shindig next weekend! Cutting it close but that's how we roll…?#trimming #ceramics #tinypots #pottery #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #yycartists #BuyHandmade #albertaceramics #fibreshindig2019 #fibreshindig Posted by Intagrate Lite


trying something new – little bowls

Is it #TrySomethingNewFriday ? I made some mise en place bowls using a new technique! They were so fun to make! I love small things. I have a stack of little flat dishes of my own for sauces, teabags, spoons, stitch holders, rings, and I want more but in bowl form. My first try gave me ideas for improvement but after some vigorous edge sponging to soften things, these will be adorable! I'll be bringing the finished babies to the @FibreShindig on Oct 19 in Calgary. #ceramics #miseenplace #albertamade #littlebowls #handbuilt #slabbuilt #homeformyteabag #homeformystitchmarkers #yycmade #handmade #potteryforknitters #pottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


we get by with a little help from our friends

We've been climbing uphill since the early spring since just before my surgery and as I'm still recovering, we have been in less than top shape for production. When we looked up last week, there was a larger mountain than we knew we could go alone. @cotton.cassie pitched in right away by coming by and providing her upbeat optimism and muscle.We called mentors and friends for wise words about overcoming this type of hurdle (@conniepike and @the_pott_lady among others) although I think my call to Rylee was mostly panicked rambling. She and more potters came to our rescue with real solutions – thank you so much also to @gmitchellceramics @ipotlisa and Mike & Sara at Ceramics Canada for your amazing generosity. My heart was pretty darned full this week – we are so lucky to be part of this community. The awesomest impressive part is RIGHT NOW there is a borrowed slab roller in our studio for the weekend!!How have we lived this long without one? I whispered sweet nothings to her before I tucked her into bed last night. She's beautiful. It is amazing gadget – it's saving Jay's back and is saving my sanity. It squish squish squishes 45lbs of clay in record time. It's now "on the list" to save for to add to the studio. So grateful. #ceramicscanadayyc#AlbertaMade #albertapotters#canadianceramics #slabroller #pottery #yycarts #yycpottery #yycceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite


repeating stamp

I've been using this wooden fabric stamp on clay slabs lately, and I'm enamoured with the texture. I'm imagining how my new glaze will pool and break over this delicious pattern. #yarnbowls #texture #ceramics #canadianceramics #AlbertaMade #greenware Posted by Intagrate Lite


in progress… waiting for bisque

Unglazed work, waiting for the kiln. This bowl and several others will be in Lacombe on Sept 14 at the @PrairieFibreFestival #Yarnbowl #ceramics #AlbertaMade #prairiefibrefestival #canadianceramics #plainsman #readyforbisque Posted by Intagrate Lite



Speed-up video, trying to find just the right curve on the bottom of this mug. ?#ceramics #wheelthrown #plainsman #pottery #albertacraftyyc #albertamade #canadianceramics #wheelthrowing #AlbertaPotters Posted by Intagrate Lite


bunny and duckie in progress

Waiting for you to work some stitches… #WorkInProgress #YarnBowl #edmontonfibrefrolic #knittersofinstagram #duckandrabbit #newwork Posted by Intagrate Lite


carving yaks

Carve, stamp, clean, trim. FRIDAY PARTY! Yaks, llamas, mohair, alpacas up first then some yarn bowls. The kiln is going to be working overtime this week to finish prep for #edmontonfibrefrolic because each piece gets two runs through the kiln. I love drawing my fibre animal friends on mugs. Collect one of each! #edmontonfibrefrolic #madeinAlberta #canadianceramics #albertamakers #ceramics #yarnbowls #makerlife Posted by Intagrate Lite


something from Instagram

A peek into the wet box… work in progress.#cablemugs #potteryforknitters #SlowArt #canadianceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite



Sunday is for carving. #YarnBowl #ceramics


yarn bowl party

Stampede Maker Market prep continues… Yarn bowl with flowers and I don’t even know if this is leaving my house ever. Another yarn bowl is now in progress where I’m loving texture plates. Pebbles, yes!



Reclaim! All our broken, trimmed, and dried bits are re-mixed, rehydrated, and recycled back into working clay. We mix it with a drill and cement mixer attachment, then lay it out on our plaster to start the drying process. As it dries, we flip it, then start to wedge it (the potter’s type of “kneading”) and it becomes usable again. It’s much work but we think it’s worth it. We do wish we had a pug mill so we didn’t have to do this manually though. Anyone want to just… give us one for free? We’re open to offers!


in progress

Jason has a herd of sheep almost ready for firing! I’ll add some handles tonight, and after another batch, they’ll be into the kiln for the first of two firings. We’ll glaze them up, and back into the kiln they’ll go for their final firing. We have orders coming through Etsy and emails, so we are working to get them out on time. The kiln will be busy for the next two weeks! We expect to repeat the process in June, so if you’ve been waiting to order, don’t wait too long or you’ll have to wait for longer. He’s also working on some “Naughty Mugs” with words that seem to make some blush and some laugh, and most want one. They make me giggle and I’m looking forward to his planned variations – basically signaling to everyone around that they should leave you alone because you have fun things to do instead. We’ll sell them through the Facebook page and on this website once we have the e-commerce module set up because I’m just not sure that Etsy will appreciate the… ahem… language on these beauties. Details on how to purchase the Naughty Mugs aka the sweary mugs will be available once they’re out of the kiln.