Going Batty

Testing // Jason made a new bat system for me because our beloved supplier Ceramics Canada is out of stock. We had a box of bisque tiles laying about, so we're making due with those as the bats. So far, it's working great although it will take more practice for me to pull the clay up from the tile that is so close to the bat that holds it. And to remember to keep the bisque wet enough so my mug doesn't SURPRISE! pop off while I'm throwing. I'll call the first run using these small bats a success and I'm looking forward to trying more this weekend. …#batsystem #throwingbats #bisquetiles #canadianceramicsstudio #albertapotters #testing #neverstoplearning.[image description: A line of five freshly throwing pottery mugs made of white clay, each on a square bisque tile.] Posted by Intagrate Lite


locked and loaded

Loaded // All cozy and stacked, ready for their long hot day in the kiln as they magically (scientifically) turn from formed mud to permanent forms. Kiln firing one of two, and only three days behind schedule because sometimes, clay doesn't dry just because you want it to. Clay that isn't completely dry before entering the kiln is a great way to guarantee an explosion.Now it's time to finish filling this kiln and fire it up! See you in 24 hours, little clay babies..[Image description: Sixteen ceramic mugs loaded into kiln, viewed from above.]#creativeprocess #creativelife #handmademovement #artisanmade #buyhandmade #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #etsyartist #ceramics #pottery #AlbertaMade #yycarts #canadianceramics #kiln #kilnfired #potterymug #wheelthrown #kilnfolk #ceramicprocess #handmadeceramic #shoplocalyyc #handmadeyyc Posted by Intagrate Lite


Break time!

Happy to be part of your break. Jason will have these ready for the fall because right now he is busy fighting wasps (the attack bug kind) rather than creating. Defending (and fixing wasp damage!) the bomestead is Important Work.Reposted from @almosthippiemum My 5 minutes of peace today while I finished up my newest blog post. This is the best thing I've ever found on Pinterest: Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate. Made with creamy earl grey and dark chocolate SO good. And my @chasingfirestudio mug is a pretty accurate representation my mood, even if I wasn't crocheting (I need one that says writing!)Chocolate Hobnob because everyone knows chocolate Hobnobs are the best kind. 🤷‍♀️#cuppateaandabiscuit #teaearlgreyhot #chocolate #calgaryblogger #yycblogger #localpottery #swearymug #almosthippie #lessthan5minutes #mumbreak #gardenwriting #chocolatehobnobs Posted by Intagrate Lite


sweater mugs

Sweater Mugs / keep you cozy, keep you warm, keep the love flowing. remember that childhood verse: make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. .Reposted from @anoeticone About to test my two beautiful handmade ceramic mugs from my old friend @chasingfirestudio to have some hot chocolate. They hold heat so well and for handmade ceramic the price is amazing. They also make some awesome dragon scale cups (which I will be getting next). Posted by Intagrate Lite



Work work work it // he's working hard to prep for @fibreshindig on April 18! Got some fun stuff cooking. I'm laying on the couch, drinking tea like a sick layabout (this THROAT and HEAD thing urgh) but the studio is still pumping. I'm sketching between cups of tea, because that's what I do when germs got me down. Are you coming to the Calgary Spring Fibre Shindig to party it up among yarn lovers? I can't wait to see everyone after this long winter slumber. #ceramics #handbuiltceramics #fibreshindig #yycevents #yarnfestival Posted by Intagrate Lite


scale experiments

Here be Dragons… or at least some dragonscale. I was watching @epicfailstudios drink out of her scale mug and now I want to make more but different shape. So today I'm playing a bit, ripping up paper templates and trying some different techniques. This scale is upside down because after I made the form, it turned out that I liked it upside down better. Sometimes upside down is how ya gotta flip things so they make sense, right?#studio #pottery #experiment #yycartists #ceramics #plainsmanclay Posted by Intagrate Lite


the last mug update of 2019

M U G S || The last mugs for the year will be up on Etsy as of 11pm tonight! Most are already live, plus some new buttons and yarn bowls. Dec 11 is the last day for shipping before Christmas so please save the stress and don't wait. #knittergift #mugs #ceramics #ribberforyourpleasure #yarnmugs Posted by Intagrate Lite


F#CK Off Mugs

We've listed two F#CK Off Crocheting & Knitting mugs in shop, plus blue and purple cable and ribbed mugs. We're working through our limited stock as fast as we can to get it online! Thank you SO MUCH for your support, your purchases, and your encouragement as we test drive this "selling online" process for our larger items. Posted by Intagrate Lite


Kitchener Mugs – in progress

Babies waiting for some clear coat and then into the kiln. They'll emerge bright teal, dark purple, and blue after the magic happens. MAGIC!Glazing is still the scariest part of this process for me because it is an exercise in experimentation, luck, science, and trust. This batch of mugs, I am relatively secure with how these glazes interact at the temperature that we fire to (1200C/2200F) but we still have regions of the kiln that might be hotter or cooler by 50-100 degrees, which will change the resulting colour. If we apply the glaze slightly thinner or thicker, it affects the end product as well and how the glaze breaks, how it feels, how it picks up underlying texture, and the colour tone. And when we mix new batches, we'd better be sure we have the right specific gravity so that it applies correctly or we may end up with a kiln-load of destroyed pots. This balancing trick is why you might see a ceramic artist hold up an piece of their own pottery and admire the glaze because the magic and luck mixed with glaze-mixing skill is an intriguing art in itself that keeps us chasing perfect results. #glaze #canadianceramics #plainsman #wheelthrown #underglaze #howiamaco #ceramics Posted by Intagrate Lite


skull mugs

New on Etsy – Skull mugs! We listed just one of the set to start. If you'd like more, drop us a line for combined pricing. Posted by Intagrate Lite


Coral Cable Mugs <3

This coral though…Mugs for sale, link in bio! #prettyinpink #ceramicsyyc #handbuiltpottery #slabbuilt #slabpottery #ceramics #canadianceramics #pottery #knittermug #knittergift #plainsmanclay #etsy Posted by Intagrate Lite


Mugs Go Online!

I posted two of the cable babies on Etsy. Thanks to @catiecatp for giving us the push to do this. We have been waffling since the spring and today, we jumped off the deep end. (And now I gotta mail Catie her mug that's been sitting on our kitchen table, encouraging us) #mugsforsale #makersgonnamake #pottersgonnapot #cablemugs #buyhandmade #freeshipping #etsy #canadianceramics #knittersofinstagram #pottersofinstagram #madeinalberta #ceramics chasingfireceramics.etsy.com Posted by Intagrate Lite


kitchener mugs

Last push before Saturday's show! I have only a small selection of kitchener mugs in this load, so get yer butt to the booth quickly on Saturday if you want one. We're in the big second room in the far corner (our "usual spot"). #ceramicsyyc #ceramics #pottery #wheelthrown #Albertamade #canadianceramics #makersmovement #fibreshindig2019 #kitchenermug Posted by Intagrate Lite


hedgepig pottery has a mug!

Have you met @hedgepig_pottery ? She is kind, creative, and a delight! I am always excited when we are at the same events. She creates beautiful and fun things. Repost @hedgepig_pottery (@get_regrann) – Yes, yes I did!!! My treat from @prairiefibrefestival ! Just looking at this mug from @chasingfirestudio made me look forward to all the warm teas and hot chocolate with marshmallows when our inevitable winter snow falls . Do I make mugs? Sure, but not like this cozy little piece !!!!! #pottery #ceramics #clay #handmade #mug #sweatermug Posted by Intagrate Lite


mug in action

Action shot!Repost from @kdubyaknits – Enjoying my morning tea in my new mug from @prairiefibrefestival @chasingfirestudio Posted by Intagrate Lite