Bright // Today was peaceful and full of laughter.️These toes really are this bright. Two at a a time socks in "Another Freaking Rainbow" by @seaturtlefiberarts are keeping my hands busy as these sweet summer days pass me by. ️ Happiness is knitting on the patio as we watch the sun set after a game of extreme bocce. I didn't catch any fish today but maybe I'll get luckier tomorrow. I'd like walleye for lunch. ️#knittersofinstagram #rainbowsocks #selfstripingyarn Posted by Intagrate Lite


Creekside Fibre Festival

I got to be a shopper at the @creekside_yarnfestival and the ever inspiring Angela @hedgepig_pottery had this little guy to remind me what is important in life: MAKE. CREATE. Be happy! I loved to get in longer visits with all my fibre friends and my potter friends with leisure rather than quick "hi!" at shows since I'm usually a vendor and tied up. It was a treat. I am in love with our communities, and I enjoyed milling among the crowd today rather than my norm, hanging in one spot in a booth! Keep being awesome, people. I adore you. #airdrie #yarn #pottery #AlbertaMade #fibre #ceramics #handbuiltpottery Posted by Intagrate Lite


sunny like his spirit

He wants the brightest yellow cardigan. Before I add mugs to the shop, I'm making The Kid very happy by casting on. #knitworthy #cardigan #knittersofinstagram Posted by Intagrate Lite


new socks

Ooooh I’m loving how these @mudpunch socks are working up! Colourway “Kimono Mouse” starts after the @seaturtlefiberarts blue toes. The selfstriping makes me happy in a really satisfying way, and I find myself knitting just to get to the next colour when I should be doing the things on the to-do list instead… so these are FLYING. The socks kept me company during a very quiet Canada Day where, not pictured, we did the most Canadian thing we do, and hit the rink for some sticks and pucks (I watched. Still recovering!) Happy belated Canada Day! Progress keeper by @bunnyandtoot and gorgeous weebra bag by @sewshannonyyc #knittingofinstagram #knitsocks #selfstriping #sockbags #projectbags #magicloop Posted by Intagrate Lite