Product Photography in our kitchen

Product Photography in our kitchen We have been spending our Sunday mornings hosting Instagram and Facebook LIVE from our studio. On May 24, 2020, we took everyone behind the scenes to watch how we create our photos for our Etsy shop. LINK HERE–> Correction: we use compact flourescents, not LEDs as mentioned in that video. We hope you enjoyed the video! If you have any questions, drop us a line at cara at chasingfirestudio dot com or through Instagram.com/chasingfirestudio


paper presents

T O G E T H E R // I've made some bookmarks to mail out with orders, putting my emptier schedule to better use this week with more useful activity and less useless worry. I'm very lucky to still be working during the day, however, our evenings of hustling to rinks, field houses, art classes, knit nights, and errands has softened to a slower rhythm of walking the dogs, playing board games, making art, making food, knitting and crocheting. I've never sat so much in my life. We are learning A New Way, Together.#covidart #zendoodle #bookmark #ink Posted by Intagrate Lite



All of my sketchbooks have in-progress drawings of fish right now. Real ones, imaginary ones, cartoony ones, realistic ones. Live for a month with near daily swimming among fish (and often multiple times per day), and it makes my brain want nothing but to be back among creatures of the sea and that watery peace. A sergeant general fish hasn't come up to my face to say hello for over a week and I'm quite forlorn about the whole thing. I suspect that my pots might be covered in fish after our annual "Clean This Terribly Messy Studio" event this week as we prepare to hurl ourselves into 2020, inspired and ready to get some fun new things on our shop shelves. #puertomorelos #watercolorpencil #ink #inprogress #fish #watercolourpencil #fishdrawing #art #artpractice Posted by Intagrate Lite


20 for 2020

What's on your 20 for 2020 to-do list? I made a list "101 Things To Do in 1001 Days" a decade ago. The timeline was long but also very achievable to plan for more complex items. I threw crazy things on the list, and a strange thing happened. They started to become reality. I started to make them happen. When friends mentioned embarking on an epic road trip, I voted for Yellowknife because visiting the North West Territories was on my List. We did it. I learned to knit because of that list. I read award winning books, swam more often, saw live music, strengthened relationships, tried online friend making, visited Banff, but also bought all new underwear, sheets, and tried a pedicure. I threw all sorts of things on the list and then watched myself manifest.Today, I'm looking for a smaller list of 20 things for 365 days. What's on your list? #HopeIsNotAStrategy #20in2020 Posted by Intagrate Lite


alcohol ink cards

I'm making holiday cards. What're you doing?#alcoholink #yupo #letitflow #cardmaking #fingerstainsfordays Posted by Intagrate Lite


planning for succulents… in clay

Taking a moment on the patio to draw out some succulent designs to carve into two yarn bowls later today for the fun @the.ceramic.school June Challenge. I love the variety of succulents and I have some perennial versions in my yard, just as my grandmother did. I added some String of Pearls off the Mother Hen… maybe I should add a chick? I’ve also got one of Jason’s mugs full of tea to wake my sleepy brain after it was busy all night, dreaming of sculpting jackalopes after yesterday’s day with @ipotlisa Our wee one’s nickname is “Jackalope” so I guess it wasn’t much of a jump. My day job will be really eating into my studio time this coming week – I have ideas I want to experiment with!#ceramicsyyc #ceramics #canadianceramics #albertapotters #makersmovement #pottery #calgaryartists Posted by Intagrate Lite


Sept 8 – Prairie Fibre Festival in Lacombe!

Come say hi on Saturday in Lacombe! Llamas, Yaks, Alpacas, Sheep, one Angora, and one Mohair will be in the booth with Jay. Be there early to get your hands on the limited supply of mugs!


Now for sale on-line: slipper soles!

These come as separate heels and toes for maximum placement flexibility, and range in sizes from baby to large human. Currently available in gray and medium brown colours. https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/618134283/slipper-soles-nonslip-leather-bottoms


Calgary Stampede – See us July 13-16

We are in booth #20 from July 13-16 at the Calgary Stampede Maker’s Market! The Maker’s Market will have rotating artisans in three blocks during Stampede, and we will be present beginning the LAST Thursday morning (July 13) through the final weekend. Bring on the mini donuts! Local and Canadian handmade products available in the BMO Centre during the Calgary Stampede. Chasing Fire Studio & Sea Turtle Fibre Arts are booked in for July 13-16, however the market runs the entire length of Stampede in BMO Hall A! Sea Turtle Fibre Arts: https://seaturtlefiberarts.com/ Chasing Fire Studio: http://chasingfirestudio.com/ Maker Market Info: http://westernshowcase.com/maker_market.html    


carved flowers

Winter flowers #detailshot #ceramics #yyc


Knitted Mugs

I try not to have favourites. I don’t want the other mugs or bowls or buttons to be envious or feel unloved. Everything has a function, even if that function is to be put in the “Bad Day Box” for a future aggression-relieving smashing session. Some pots may be more attractive to look at and definitely feel nicer to hold but I can’t openly declare one better than another in front of the others. Maybe a button is a little off but that’s what makes handmade items so special and unique, right? Sometimes you can see our fingerprints in our work, and you can see clearly that our hands are making everything that you see in our online shop, at the markets we attend, and in the gifts that we give. Everything is beautiful in its own way. All of these reasons are why I snuck these mugs into the house, far from the others, to tell them how much I adore them. I fawned over them. I cooed at them as if they were baby animals. They thrill me. This experiment has been a complete and total success. Ribbed for my pleasure, indeed. We worked hard to make these knitted mugs, and they are 100% handmade here in our studio. They feature my own knitting that was molded for the slabs (and yes, I wish I’d blocked that sample a bit more aggressively). Dishwasher and microwave safe too! We will have this newly released mug at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair in northwest Calgary on November 12 & 13 from 9am-5pm at the Triwood Community Center. Selection is limited so if you’d like something ribbed for your pleasure, come early and see us at our booth! Jason, myself, and Cheryl will be there to assist and either hook you up, or comfort you if we are sold out. I hope we see you there!


Tidiness & Yarn Bowls

Get a good look because this is as tidy as my table has been in over a year and it’s about to get muddy again! I love making bowls on beautiful autumn afternoons with my door wide open to let in the crisp breeze. How many more days until the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair? I also updated my portfolio of recent yarn bowls so that people can see what types of yarn bowls I love to create!


Mastering The Potter’s Wheel

Just hanging with @carterpottery ‘s amazing book, planning jar forms for a new project. “Mastering The Potter’s Wheel” is perfect – even being at the wheel since 2002, I’m learning so much. #ceramics #PutALidOnIt


Sarah Pike Demo

I love days spent with other lovers of clay! An inspiring day with Sara Pike Pottery and the Alberta Potters Association. Alberta ceramics is alive and well.


Featured in Travel Taste Create!

Leah at Travel Taste Create is featuring artists during her “Let me introduce you” series. I’m so excited and very honoured to be a featured artist! Her assignment for me really made me think: What are my influences? Why do I make what I make? Do I have a philosophy around my own art? Please go take a read – I explain why I can’t stop making buttons and mugs, and how you inspire my work. Travel. Taste. Create.