Buttons in the wild

This is what 33% of the real life photos of my buttons look like. Cracks me up every time. Babies gonna be babies when mamas want to photograph their projects! At least baby slept while her mama shopped at The Fibre Shindig, which is really what counts. #Repost @planetannaknits・・・Don’t be fooled, she loves her new sweater! Yarn from @havenfibrearts and buttons from @chasingfirestudio


Shindigger 4 life <3

Thank you to everyone that came for a visit at the Fall Fibre Shindig yesterday! Shindig is always so fun, and the customers that come down are central to that magic. Thank you for hosting another great day, Clair – and thank you to Myrna and her volunteer team for ensuring our post-surgery Jay wasn’t lifting. It takes a village and we’re so happy to be Shindiggers.   Vending at Shindig comes with great risk because I want to spend all of our earnings at the other vendor booths! Here’s some of the things that I couldn’t quite resist: Yarn! I have a weaving project in mind that marries Fibre Goddess “All Cheap and Debonair” with Sea Turtle Fibre Arts’ “Blue”. Flock’s “You Cant Take The Sky From Me” will be weft against a second skein warp of the same that I picked up at Prairie Fibre Fest! Prairie Dye Studio BFL “Siren” will be paired with (not seen) luscious teal of Poppy Yarn and Fibre’s “Forty-Two”. I also picked up a sweet little owl place marker from Prairie because oh so sweet. I also scored big with a custom mug from Jacquie of The Wicked Potter with the heart placed on my hometown. I ordered the mug before the show because I’m sneaky like that and then I snagged some of her lovely soaps. Kathy Lycka supplied her art on earrings and my absolute fave are the red Warrior Woman set. Not seen are the Princess Leia set because they are in my ears! EllSpins “Yer Mom” button cracked me up when I chose it as random from their bin. It hits my super immature sense of humour! Tamara is so fun. I would have shopped so much more if I wasn’t vending – I missed many booths! (Probably a good thing for my wallet). I don’t just make things by hand, I buy things that are made by hand. If you are going to have things surround us in our life, make them beautiful, worthwhile, and grounded in artisty. There’s something special knowing that my tableware, yarn, jewelry, clothing are made by people I’ve met and supported. #BuyHandmade #Community


put a pin in it

Handmade the way we like it, get some kiln love for your shawls! We are hosting these unique dichroic glass shawl pins in our booth for the fall shows by Carolina Szabo, a local Calgary artisan.



Sunday is for carving. #YarnBowl #ceramics


Knit City 2017!

Knit City, here they come! We aren’t there in person, but our amazing friends are bringing some of our fun wares to you on the coast. Sarah with Sea Turtle Fibre Arts has a limited supply of regular and our new GIANT mugs that go perfectly with her squishy colourful yarns. She’s got mugs and rainbows and a collection of colours that will make the gloomy skies brighten! Then, with mug in hand, wander over to visit Denise and Heather at Poppy Yarn & Fibre booth and welcome them to their first time vending at Knit City! We have partnered up on the sweetest cardigans in sizes from wee to mini-me. The yarn is luscious 100% merino, the pattern a quick yet satisfying cable for your favourite kiddo, and the buttons made by ME! Choose your own adventure with colour and sizes at their booth. Have fun, my friends! May the bright yarns make the rain seem like no dark thing. -Cara


the quiet before

August is our quiet time in the studio. The studio is left lonely as we spend time in the wilds, soaking up the prairie and mountain sun to catch each fleeting moment of summer. Now, we have fully immersed in September. Show season begins! The kiln is firing at least once a week. Buttons are zipping into bags, mugs are rolling out of slabs, and yarn bowls are spinning off of the wheel. Wee little animals are appearing to decorate our shelves and we call in help to fill the studio with laughter. This season, we are scheduled to appear in Calgary twice, and Sea Turtle Fibre Arts will have some of our beauties at Knit City this coming weekend!   Sept 30-Oct 1 in Vancouver, Sarah will have mugs and our NEW GIANT mugs at her booth Sea Turtle Fibre Arts in lovely squishy yarn kits! Knit her luscious yarn while enjoying your favourite beverage of choice from our mugs. F#CK OFF I’m Knitting Regular size and HUGE mugs in kits at Sea Turtle Fibre Arts Booth Sep 30 – Oct 1, 2017 The PNE Forum, Vancouver   Shindig is coming! The Fall Shindig is October 21 and the party starts at 10am on October 21. Get there before 5. We’ll have the new HUGE mug sizes available, as well as more DRAGON yarn bowls.   The Calgary Fibre Arts Fair is bigger and better this year! Come visit us at the new digs at Stampede Park in the Big Four on Nov 3 & 4 from 9am-5pm. Bring your projects to match buttons. It’s going to be a wonderful autumn season!


Cricket addict

My first cricket loom project, modelled by my first successful human project. #weave #cricketloom



Narrowed in towards two interesting glazes yesterday. Lichen-esque on the right with the thickest application and now I’ve learned to love MgCO3. It’s soft to the touch with flat angular crazing = beauty. The right slate blue is matte, translucent, and has rivulets that mimic an ash glaze. With single layer application, it’s another winner. My brain is crammed with fantastic glaze chemistry knowledge now, and I don’t want to stop!


What I’m Doing Now

I was tagged by Shauna at Epic Fail Studios on Instagram in a game of “What I’m Doing Now” and here I am, waiting for my turn on the Jubilee stage as part of Calgary Folk Festival Grand Esprits with Choir! Choir! Choir! because CCC makes all things wonderful and sparkle, right? Let’s celebrate Canadian singers and songwriters onstage tonight. Vibe on!


be good

Post-Stampede week has been spent sleeping, dog-snuggling, and making fairy houses with my young friends (we were too busy making to take photos!). A first tonight: meditating to glass singing bowls. Here’s the meditation that I pulled to ponder and I’m feeling more rejuvenated after this a week of rest, which will only increase after spending this weekend with my boys. Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others – and now I’m almost ready to help. #StampedeBurnout #RestYourSelf #SelfCare


Candy Kisses

Bright candy colours from this kiln unload for our spot at Stampede Makers’ Market. The kiln is running every other day with some new glaze colours, like that brilliant teal on the top right. Come on down to the Calgary Stampede grounds from July 13-16 to say hi. We’ll be hanging among the brilliantly coloured yarns from Sea Turtle Fibre Arts for a colour extravaganza!



I can’t believe I forgot to hit “PUBLISH” on this post a month ago. This was such an fun day with Chantal, and even though I was nervous as heck and forgot to brush my hair before she arrived (we were focused on cleaning the studio), I’m so very very happy with her finished episode! I really wish Jay was wearing his kilt though. He really thought he would hide for the entire episode. Ha! Holy crap, it’s live!! SQUEEEEE!!! https://youtu.be/X8r6zJ8ZMeY


yarn bowl party

Stampede Maker Market prep continues… Yarn bowl with flowers and I don’t even know if this is leaving my house ever. Another yarn bowl is now in progress where I’m loving texture plates. Pebbles, yes!


Delicious flock of fibrey mugs

I call it a FLOCK O’ FUN! Check out our awesome flock! Beautiful mugs from Chasing Fire Studio filled with yummy Sea Turtle Fibre Arts yarn. Can you tell we like the same colours? Sarah had these at Olds Fibre Week, and we’ll have them at Calgary Stampede July 13-16.


Stampede Maker Market

Stampede is coming soon and we’ll be in the BMO Centre Calgary Stampede Maker Market  with Sea Turtle Fibre Arts on the last four days July 13-16! Come party it up, handmade style. #CSMkrMkt #CSArts2017 #yyc