I keep a sketchbook and a black marker pen in my purse. When I see something inspiring or I’m working out an idea (or I’m on hold), I doodle. Sometimes these ideas make their way into reality: Every page is not a gem, that’s for sure. For every bit of notation that carries its way to reality there are more ugly scribbles that seemed like brilliance but, in the light of day, are more meh than aha. Even at its weakest, the sketchbook is an ongoing record of ideas, potential and inspiration and I keep it tucked with me. We were staying in a remote cabin on our vacation and I spent every morning admiring the hodge podge collection of wheel thrown mugs that is only fitting in the kitchen of a summer hideaway. I would throw open the cupboard, choose one and pour myself a fresh cup of coffee. Although many of them were not my particular style, they reminded me that their difference is what held the charm. I sketched up some mug shapes and mug carving ideas on our long drive home, excited with each new shape that I put on the page, inspired by the oddball mugs. I have thrown the same mug shape over and over and over and whether I find success or not, it’s time to try something different. This is my goal next time I’m on the wheel to try to throw a “new” mug.