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Happy to be part of your break. Jason will have these ready for the fall because right now he is busy fighting wasps (the attack bug kind) rather than creating. Defending (and fixing wasp damage!) the bomestead is Important Work.Reposted from @almosthippiemum My 5 minutes of peace today while I finished up my newest blog post. This is the best thing I've ever found on Pinterest: Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate. Made with creamy earl grey and dark chocolate SO good. And my @chasingfirestudio mug is a pretty accurate representation my mood, even if I wasn't crocheting (I need one that says writing!)Chocolate Hobnob because everyone knows chocolate Hobnobs are the best kind. 🤷‍♀️#cuppateaandabiscuit #teaearlgreyhot #chocolate #calgaryblogger #yycblogger #localpottery #swearymug #almosthippie #lessthan5minutes #mumbreak #gardenwriting #chocolatehobnobs Posted by Intagrate Lite


happy anniversary to us

Anniversary Present For You // We were married 21 years ago this month. I find this jarring and surreal since we're only emotionally 21 years old (which is a stretch). We're having a 15% off sale to "celebrate" July 1-24, hurry while supplies last. Link to shop in profile. #yychandmade #yycartists #handmadebuttons #pottery #canadianceramics #anniversary #slippersoles #slippers #sweatermugs Posted by Intagrate Lite



Exploring // the strange biome that is southern Alberta is full of surprises. Mountains met by sprawling plains, so cold at night in the summer from those mountain breezes and then winter is warmed from Chinook winds. As soon as I'm familiar with her foliage, she reveals new surprises. Yesterday, the haunted (maybe Bebb's?) willows along pathways as far as the eye can see near camp and today, this little dart-like flower in a magenta so vibrant that it feels like a special gift. This is what keeps us coming back out in the rain, the cold, out far into the Foothills to explore, these little rewards. #Alberta #ABCamping #Albertawildflowers Posted by Intagrate Lite


Goodbye, Pat

Alberta // devoting the day to enjoying Alberta as one of her biggest fans leaves us. I'll miss your stories, Uncle Pat, and your eagerness to connect with everyone in community around you. #RIP #FuckCancer #gonefishing Posted by Intagrate Lite


gone fishing

Dad // These two have been holding onto each other since this child's first entry into the chilly Alberta air. I find them nestled together, making plans, conferring, discussing insects and Minecraft and the beauty of their longhair boy identities, with a side of butt jokes. Jason is an amazing coach, guide, playmate, and snuggle partner for his son and I'm grateful for the love that flows freely..The father-son bond in this house is strong, and today, there will be fishing instead of livestreaming. When the weather is beautiful, and with fatherhood to celebrate, we must go. .#gonefishing #happyfathersday Posted by Intagrate Lite



Trim // taking the wobble off. If only I could do this for my and everyone around's feelings, trim off the wobbly parts for a finished solid and steady piece…..#wheelthrown #wheelthrowing #trimming #creativeprocess #creativelife #handmademovement #artisanmade #buyhandmade #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #etsyartist #ceramics #pottery #AlbertaMade #yycarts #canadianceramics #kiln #kilnfired #potteryvideo Posted by Intagrate Lite



PPE // Reclaim continues, and I am wearing my N95 respirator to protect my lungs from the air-borne dust particles as I smash more clay. Clay is made of silica, and silica is deadly to inhale long-term. Safety is important for pottery..Unfortunately for the next door neighbours that are selling their house, prospective buyers came by as I was out in my yard in this outfit, covered in white dust. I'm not sure my hastily hollered "don't worry, I'm not cooking meth!" consoled them much. .I hope that whoever buys that house is an understanding sort..#artistneighbours #ceramics #PPE #pottery #reclaim #clayreclaim #makersmovement #AlbertaMade #yycarts #canadianceramics #creativelife #creativeprocess Posted by Intagrate Lite


Please sign this petition

Hi friends! I’ve been struggling in this world that has revealed itself to be so unsafe for so many. I’m up for air and making changes where I can. My own backyard is my first stop. .I started a petition to have our local high school renamed. It is currently named after a champion of Residential Schools, a dark and nasty part of Canada’s not so far history that attempted to destroy our Indigenous, Inuk, and Metis peoples. Let us work towards true Reconciliation and change this school’s name. Bishop Grandin should not be honoured on a school. He should only appear in history books as an example of what NOT to do. .We know better, we have to do better.. https://www.change.org/BishopGrandin If you could please sign, I’d appreciate it. Our kids should not be schooled within any buildings named for our villains. #reconciliation #petition #yyc Posted by Intagrate Lite


smashy smashy

Smashy smashy // reclaim day one. I'm smashing dried clay into smaller bits, then they'll go for a soak in a bath of water. The bits will soften, and become a slurry. I have a drill attachment to mix it all up until it is silky smooth. At that point, I'll run the slurry through a screen to remove naughty bits of sticks, bugs, hair, and whatever else has managed to work its way into our reclaim buckets. It then gets set aside to thicken. Once thick enough to hold together, I lay it out on a plaster slab. The plaster absorbs the excess water from the reclaim clay, and eventually, after flipping it enough times on the plaster, I'll have thicker and dense clay that I can wedge (fancy potter term for knead) into "new" usable clay. .Though shalt not waste..I've got two buckets soaking to start with about eight more to go… This is going to be a cathartic smashy summer. It couldn't come at a better time. . #reclaim #IHateThisPart #pottery #ceramics #recycle #clayrecycle #clayreclaim Posted by Intagrate Lite


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Trimmed // Posting my bottoms on the internet, for all to see. // These will be wine cups once I figure out what to put on them. Florals, likely, as I'm soothed this morning by the simple things in my garden as I wait for a live-stream funeral to begin shortly. The world has lost another fine soul, this time from within our family. She sought to help people find support and peace through her personal and professional work, which is just what we all need to do for each other and for the people in our communities that are most at risk. She loved hard, worked hard, and I hope I can do the same. #grief #artpractice #trimming Posted by Intagrate Lite


sweater mugs

Sweater Mugs / keep you cozy, keep you warm, keep the love flowing. remember that childhood verse: make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. .Reposted from @anoeticone About to test my two beautiful handmade ceramic mugs from my old friend @chasingfirestudio to have some hot chocolate. They hold heat so well and for handmade ceramic the price is amazing. They also make some awesome dragon scale cups (which I will be getting next). Posted by Intagrate Lite


First wheelthrowing since 2019! – IGTV

The IGTV (Instagram / Facebook LIVE) on June 7 featured Cara alone. This much longer video has her attempting to throw three mug shapes after being away from the wheel since November 2019. How does she do? Check out the video on Instagram’s IGTV here.


Art for Change

Thank you to @musingaboutmud for drawing attention to this powerful artwork and cover.Reposted from @timeIn his new work Analogous Colors, the artist Titus Kaphar depicts an African-American mother holding her child. To complete the work, Kaphar cut out the canvas to show a mother's loss: Floyd called out to his deceased mother during the 8 minutes and 46 seconds he was pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer. "In her expression, I see the black mothers who are unseen, and rendered helpless in this fury against their babies," writes Kaphar. For the first time, the red border of TIME includes the names of people: 35 black men and women whose deaths, in many cases by police, were the result of systemic racism and helped fuel the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Their names are merely a fraction of the many more who have lost their lives because of the racist violence that has been part of this nation from its start. Their names are Trayvon Martin • Yvette Smith • Eric Garner • Michael Brown • Laquan McDonald • Tanisha Anderson • Akai Gurley • Tamir Rice • Jerame Reid • Natasha McKenna • Eric Harris • Walter Scott • Freddie Gray • William Chapman • Sandra Bland • Darrius Stewart • Samuel DuBose • Janet Wilson • Calin Roquemore • Alton Sterling • Philando Castile • Joseph Mann • Terence Crutcher • Chad Robertson • Jordan Edwards • Aaron Bailey • Stephon Clark • Danny Ray Thomas • Antwon Rose • Botham Jean • Atatiana Jefferson • Michael Dean • Ahmaud Arbery • Breonna Taylor • and George Floyd. Read more behind the cover at the link in bio. Painting by Titus Kaphar for TIME – #regrann Posted by Intagrate Lite



Muting to amplify other voices. Brown & black up your feed. Suggestions: @laylafsaad @nowhitesaviors @mireillecharper @ckyourprivilege @iamrachelricketts @thegreatunlearn @ibramxk @rachel.cargle @renieddolodge.PLEASE Respect their spaces! Resources are often linked in bios and you can Google for antiracist resources. People are not yours to use so please be polite and supportive. #blackouttuesday Note: we had up a square, then took it down so that it would not cloud the feeds of people that were looking for resources once it appeared that Instagram and Facebook were merging this tag with #BlackLivesMatter. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Posted by Intagrate Lite


Making a Tumbler – IGTV

Our IGTV Facebook/Instagram LIVE session on May 31, 2020 featured a few nifty things: making a handbuilt tumbler adding texture to that tumbler using a 3D printed stamp to add a stamped feature on the tumbler You can see our recorded session HERE on Instagram. Enjoy!