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Semi-annual garden update: it’s f*cking glorious. It’s a teensy place that is bursting with beauty. In order of appearance: Lilac Clematis Some invasive thingy that is taking over the lawn Snowberry Lily Of The Valley Yellow weeds that I let grow because they’re so pretty Alberta Tea Rose buds Saskatoon berry “bush” (it’s massive, so grateful I planted it 10 years ago!) Ornamental crab Tags: #YYCGarden #Gardening


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[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/excited-to-share-the-latest-addition-to-our-etsy-shop-leather-scraps-almost-free-just-pay-shipping-a.jpg” size=”medium”] Excited to share the latest addition to our #etsy shop: Leather scraps – almost free! Just pay shipping and the listing fee. Locals in #yyc Calgary are welcome to use coupon code LOCALPICKUP to skip shipping and grab the box off my front porch in the far SE. . See link in bio to visit our shop . [item description: a full 900g/2lb pile of leather scraps and a hand showing the average size. Leather is grey suede and a variety of browns.] . #leatherscraps #recycleleather #suedescraps #smallsuede #leathercraft #leatherbits https://etsy.me/3ksRWLk


Creekside Festival on Jan 21

[igp-video src=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/from-instagram-jan-17-2023-@-0848.mp4″ poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/from-instagram-jan-17-2023-@-0848.jpg” size=”medium”]


i have eyes for you

[igp-video src=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/in-progress-first-draft-for-nose-lips-cheeks-and-ready-to-move-onto-those-eyes.-the-finicky-work-of-.mp4″ poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/in-progress-first-draft-for-nose-lips-cheeks-and-ready-to-move-onto-those-eyes.-the-finicky-work-of-.jpg” size=”medium”] In progress// First draft for nose, lips, cheeks and ready to move onto those eyes. The finicky work of moving and building up clay is bananas (this is 5x speed!!) but oh so rewarding. These eyes are on the sculpting table first thing tomorrow. 👁️👁️ . . #humansculpture #pinchpot #sculpture #potteryprocess #ceramics #potteryvideo #sculpting #facepot #facesculpting


COMING SOON! In Person market

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/its-coming-soon-come-see-us-and-our-fibery-friends-in-airdrie-reposted-from-@creekside_yarnfestival-.jpg” size=”medium”] it’s coming soon!!! Come see us and our fibery friends in Airdrie Reposted from @creekside_yarnfestival Save the date! In just 2 more months it will be time for the 5th annual @creekside_yarnfestival. Join us for some fun and shopping after the hectic holiday season!! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the featured vendors and floorplan. We have 36 vendors with a wide variety of wonderful goodies. #creeksideyarnfestival #polkadotcreek #creekgardenscrafts #yarnparty #shopsmallbusiness #crochetersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #weaversofinstagram #makersofinstagram


pinch pots

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/no-easy-button-my-head-said-this-clay-isnt-made-for-this-bashy-work-what-are-you-doing-and-my-heart-.jpg” size=”medium”] No Easy Button // My head said “this clay isn’t made for this bashy work, WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and my heart said “PFFFT” and some quote about getting to success faster if you steam through the failures. Or something. My head wasn’t really listening. Pinch pots from super soft porcelain, this could be really cool. Or a learning experience. . We’ll find out later which was right: ️ or 🧠 once these firm up a bit for sculpting faces. . Happy 2023! May your heart’s desires guide you (isn’t the journey the most important part anyway?) . . #pinchpots #headpots #handbuiltpottery #potteryprocess


The Best Christmas Movie Ever

[igp-video src=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/hans-gruber-has-fallen-merry-christmas-to-those-that-celebrate-🏼-.-diehard-christmasmovie-xmasspi.mp4″ poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/hans-gruber-has-fallen-merry-christmas-to-those-that-celebrate-🏼-.-diehard-christmasmovie-xmasspi.jpg” size=”medium”] HANS GRUBER HAS FALLEN! Merry Christmas to those that celebrate 🏼 . #DieHard #ChristmasMovie #XmasSpirit #HandmadeOrnament


our new studio tool!

[igp-video src=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/its-end-of-year-new-tool-time-santa-brought-us-a-new-slab-roller-🏼-thank-you-@ceramics_canada_cal.mp4″ poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/its-end-of-year-new-tool-time-santa-brought-us-a-new-slab-roller-🏼-thank-you-@ceramics_canada_cal.jpg” size=”medium”] It’s end of year NEW TOOL time – Santa brought us a new slab roller 🏼 Thank you @ceramics_canada_calgary for always being THE BEST in advice, supply, and general awesomeness! We can’t wait to get to making. #DreamsComeTrue #MakeItFLAT . . #yyc #ceramicscanada #pottery #slabroller #northstarequipment #ceramics #albertapottersassociation


making slipper soles

[igp-video src=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/double-time-finishing-the-making-of-the-last-slipper-sole-orders-before-santa-arrives-two-of-us-are-.mp4″ poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/double-time-finishing-the-making-of-the-last-slipper-sole-orders-before-santa-arrives-two-of-us-are-.jpg” size=”medium”] Double time – finishing the making of the last slipper sole orders before Santa arrives! Two of us are side by side to get these babies ready and into the mail! Handmade ️ #slippers #slippersoles #slipperseason #handmadeslippers #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #yyc


Yarn Bowls @ Yarn Twisters

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/yarn-bowl-drop-i-have-dropped-my-favourite-yarn-bowls-at-yyc-@yarn_twisters-yarn-twisters-a-lovely-s.jpg” size=”medium”] Yarn bowl drop // I have dropped my favourite yarn bowls at #yyc @yarn_twisters Yarn Twisters, a lovely shop on SE Calgary that is owned and operated by two truly amazing women. They have super large CAULDRON styles and smaller bowls as well for you or someone special on your list. Every single one was carved by hand in my studio. I hope you like them! Thanks to @sahmknits1 for the photo of the display and being 100% great. #yycknitters #shoplocalyyc #yarnbowls #handmadecalgary #yyccrochet


APA Show coming soon!

[igp-video src=”” poster=”https://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/apa-annual-christmas-sale-its-coming-so-soon.-please-come-visit-me-and-all-the-potters-on-nov-5.-fre.jpg” size=”medium”] APA Annual Christmas sale // it’s coming so soon. Please come visit me and all the potters on Nov 5. Free entry and door prizes! . I’ll have yarn bowls, d20 mugs, and some new friends (head pots) plus buttons! . #apa #yyc #yycart #yycmarket #yycevents #pottery #yycpottery


Fibre Shindig Fall 2022!

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/thank-you-my-sweet-tween-apprentice-and-i-are-so-grateful-to-@fibreshindig-fibre-shindig.-clair-myrn.jpg” size=”medium”] Thank you! My sweet tween apprentice and I are so grateful to @fibreshindig Fibre Shindig. Clair, Myrna, and the volunteers bring such wonderful people together, and we are so grateful to be included. The new venue is bright and welcoming, and as usual, I spent the day admiring knit, crochet, and woven projects as the fashion of attendees filed in. Oh and also selling pots and slipper soles and buttons . Thank you for everyone that came by the booth and helped our tween work on his booth skills. He is eager and learning. ️ . My own stash is wee but mighty with dreamy yarns from @poppyyarnandfibre @thewoolbaron , a progress keeper from @_ocean_loops , amazing beads by @burntglassstudio (the tween apprentice hasn’t taken his beads off since!!) and beautiful woven ornaments from @ellspins . I also was able to acquire two amazing handknit shawls from Vivienne Rundle that suit me: BRIGHT AND LOUD, and the other subdued in my quieter moments. (I’ve tagged the makers in the photos except Vivienne who I can’t find on instagram) . Did you make it to the show? What amazing things did you find? . . #yyc #fibreshindig #apprentice #fibreshindighaul #communityovercompetition


Sneak Peek

[igp-video src=”” poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/its-almost-here-fibre-shindig-is-saturday-oct-22-10am-4pm-at-genesis-centre.-️-.-im-sanding-pots-t.jpg” size=”medium”] It’s almost here! Fibre Shindig is Saturday Oct 22, 10am-4pm at Genesis Centre. ️ . I’m sanding pots today and so excited that we will have a limited collection of the EXTRA LARGE edition of our popular cabled mugs. We are excited to see you and show you all the things we’ve been making. . Copy/paste this for advance ticket: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-fibre-shindig-tickets-443041407777?utm_campaign=post_publish&utm_medium=email&utm_source=even . . . #yycarts #fibreshindig @fibreshing #giftsforknitters #yarmbowls #yyc #yycevents #yycmarkets


throwing yarnbowls

[igp-video src=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/throwing-a-yarn-bowl.-note-the-technique-using-a-piece-of-scrap-paper-to-seal-the-opening-creating-a.mp4″ poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/throwing-a-yarn-bowl.-note-the-technique-using-a-piece-of-scrap-paper-to-seal-the-opening-creating-a.jpg” size=”medium”] Throwing a yarn bowl. Note the technique using a piece of scrap paper to seal the opening, creating a vacuum to keep the pot stable as I take it off the wheel. Don’t have bats? No problem! . #yarnbowl #ceramicart #ceramicarts #ceramicartist #modernceramics #ceramica #keramik #wheelthrownceramics #pottery #handthrown #potterybowl #potteryprocess #pottersofinstagram #potteryvideo #potteryvideos #claylife #pottery #functionalpottery #potteryprocess #pottersofinstagram #potterytip #oddlysatisfying


sketching preparation

[igp-video src=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/planning-patterns-isnt-something-i-often-do.-i-usually-set-up-a-pot-in-front-of-me-and-then-carve-my.mp4″ poster=”http://chasingfirestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/planning-patterns-isnt-something-i-often-do.-i-usually-set-up-a-pot-in-front-of-me-and-then-carve-my.jpg” size=”medium”] Planning patterns isn’t something I often do. I usually set up a pot in front of me and then carve my garden into the surface. But today I had an idea so I’m sketching it out. STARS STARS STARS. . Do you like the top or bottom illustration better? . # #potteryprocess #drawing #illustration #artisttok #claycarving #ideas #art #yyc #Alberta #pencildrawing #carving