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I'm logged out. Thank you to everyone showing support. I really do hope they pull their heads out of their asses and fix the site. It still makes my head hurt. #mTBI #postconcussionsyndrome #vestibularocular #ableistAssholes[Image description: large text on colour blocked background: LOGGED OUT #RavelryAccessibility]Reposted from @indigodragonfly Ravelry. “Inclusive, friendly website” must include the thousands of people who have been unable to use the site since June 2020. #ravelryaccess matters to ALL of us.—I’m logging out because:- accessibility is a basic human right- I miss my @indigodragonflystudio community which has dropped off by 34% since June 2020- my pattern sales on Ravelry have dropped considerably despite increased interest in my designs- my ads on Ravelry used to be consistently the #1 source of traffic to my website. Since June 2020, it’s #18 to #25.—Repost from @anniebeeknits using @RepostRegramApp – I've logged off @hi.ravelry for the next few days in solidarity with those who have been (a) negatively impacted by the site redesign (in some cases, to the extent of hospitalization and inability to work), and (b) repeatedly gaslit by the site's staff and owners. #RavelryAccessibility matters. Thanks to @evanitaewm for galvanizing us all into a shared, concrete action. (See her account, and especially her stories, for lots more information.)

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