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2020 // we began 2020 in another country, in an adorable apartment, surrounded by family. The year progressed into challenges, personal and professional, however, we have been the luckiest in many ways: day jobs that continued (one eventually and one got so much more busy), a country that supported us when one job disappeared with the onset of lockdown, a community of support emotionally. We continued to explore our mountains, our art, our boundaries. We set goals, did not meet several (I didn't go to spin class every week this year), but found strength where we didn't expect. We focused on protecting the at-risk people we love, and we have many. We said goodbye to people and a special dog that we love. We found ways to cope and try to survive. As much as we want to thrive, we're working on giving ourselves so much permission to be ok with "survive". 2020 was something for history books. Thank you for walking with us through it. ..#2020 #topnine #thankyou

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