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Do any art // My many parts have come down with some sort of illness, or I've eaten something off, or aliens have implanted something fun, and then my head, never one to be left out, has begun to ache so I'm not able to turn to electronic amusements this evening to distract myself. In my woeful wailing, and caterwauling tantrum of wanting to do things, I'm working on wee cards for an exchange. I just want to send Encouraging Pumpkins to everyone in the world. I'm writing on each card some of what I'd like to hear, especially today.Have you ever done a card or gift exchange with strangers? Do you have any encouraging phrases that my pumpkins can impart to their recipients? I'd love some assistance to make these pumpkins a welcome gift.Not seen in the photo is the amazing glittery fabulousness of @ffrench watercolour pans I'm using in combination with the set that my mother gave me, which is seen in photo. #watercolor #ink #postcard #cardexchange #spoopy #pumpkin #lsg..[Image description: watercolour set next to a small painting on paper of an orange pumpkin with text "spoopy pumpkin is proud of you. Also happy Halloween." There is another painting on paper of an orange pumpkin tucked behind.]

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