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It's That Time Of Year / It's the time of year when I show you my roses. I know, I know, every damn year I ram these babies into your feed. Their blossoms are so heavy right now that the stems are bowing, the red so vibrant and vivacious that my little phone camera struggles to capture their luscious beauty. I want to devour them. They are velvety soft as I push them into my face but the thorns draw blood, which is fitting because they demand a blood sacrifice in blood meal at their feet to look this good. They remind me, as they bloom twice every year, that the world is a good place. With the injustice we see, the assholes on the news, the angry feelings that visit us as we to witness fear and evil, that there IS good. We can do good. Others are doing good. We just need to look closer. Listen. Watch. Their bloom is my favourite time of year. I need this reminder more now than ever as the struggle is harder, as emotions seem to be always overflowing, as working from love rather than anger and frustration is a bit tougher.The roses are "Hope For Humanity", created to honour the Red Cross. That the Red Cross was core to their creation, and that these roses do better with blood meal on their roots will never stop thrilling me (thank you Denise @poppyyarnandfibre for connecting those dots for me!)They bloom twice every year and don't mind neglect. I had to ignore them last year yet this year, they came back gangbusters. Their leaves gave me a gentle reminder that they could use some greater attention, but they are perfect fancy roses for our chilly fickle climate. And they never cease to inspire.What's meaningful in your garden, friends?#yycroses #roses #hopeforhumanity #yycgardening

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