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Smashy smashy // reclaim day one. I'm smashing dried clay into smaller bits, then they'll go for a soak in a bath of water. The bits will soften, and become a slurry. I have a drill attachment to mix it all up until it is silky smooth. At that point, I'll run the slurry through a screen to remove naughty bits of sticks, bugs, hair, and whatever else has managed to work its way into our reclaim buckets. It then gets set aside to thicken. Once thick enough to hold together, I lay it out on a plaster slab. The plaster absorbs the excess water from the reclaim clay, and eventually, after flipping it enough times on the plaster, I'll have thicker and dense clay that I can wedge (fancy potter term for knead) into "new" usable clay. .Though shalt not waste..I've got two buckets soaking to start with about eight more to go… This is going to be a cathartic smashy summer. It couldn't come at a better time. . #reclaim #IHateThisPart #pottery #ceramics #recycle #clayrecycle #clayreclaim

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