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Thank you to @musingaboutmud for drawing attention to this powerful artwork and cover.Reposted from @timeIn his new work Analogous Colors, the artist Titus Kaphar depicts an African-American mother holding her child. To complete the work, Kaphar cut out the canvas to show a mother's loss: Floyd called out to his deceased mother during the 8 minutes and 46 seconds he was pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer. "In her expression, I see the black mothers who are unseen, and rendered helpless in this fury against their babies," writes Kaphar. For the first time, the red border of TIME includes the names of people: 35 black men and women whose deaths, in many cases by police, were the result of systemic racism and helped fuel the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Their names are merely a fraction of the many more who have lost their lives because of the racist violence that has been part of this nation from its start. Their names are Trayvon Martin • Yvette Smith • Eric Garner • Michael Brown • Laquan McDonald • Tanisha Anderson • Akai Gurley • Tamir Rice • Jerame Reid • Natasha McKenna • Eric Harris • Walter Scott • Freddie Gray • William Chapman • Sandra Bland • Darrius Stewart • Samuel DuBose • Janet Wilson • Calin Roquemore • Alton Sterling • Philando Castile • Joseph Mann • Terence Crutcher • Chad Robertson • Jordan Edwards • Aaron Bailey • Stephon Clark • Danny Ray Thomas • Antwon Rose • Botham Jean • Atatiana Jefferson • Michael Dean • Ahmaud Arbery • Breonna Taylor • and George Floyd. Read more behind the cover at the link in bio. Painting by Titus Kaphar for TIME – #regrann

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